Nov 122014


Howdy folks! Its been a while since I wrote a blog, huh?

Well, I haven’t been playing any PC games, including MMOs for the last while. You see, A couple weeks after I got back to Alaska, there ended up being a bit of a family emergency involving my sisters mother. I drew the short straw and ended up being the one who had to go down south to see what was up. Normally, the things that go “wrong” are minor things that aren’t anything to worry oneself over turned into “bigger” things in her own head. This time, however, it turns out that whats wrong isn’t in her head and is quite real. So, for the time being, Im the one stuck taking care of her. Which means no DDO, LOTRO, SWTOR or STO. So, don’t expect to see any blog updates about those anytime soon.

This could, unfortunately, take a few months. During this time Ill continue working on my Minel story and post it when Im able. Thankfully, Im not fully without gaming as I can still play on my 360! YAY!

Anypoo, Hope you all take care!



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  1. Pancakes! Er, um, I mean – Waffles!

  2. Sorry to hear about the family emergency, hope things go OK. Look after yourself!

    Also – what Comic said 😛

  3. Hope your sister’s mother gets better soon. Things just aren’t the same around here without you.

  4. Hi Mizz, good wishes to you and the rest of the Mizzeroones.

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