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Good and Evil
Black vs. white. Good vs. evil. Melee vs. caster.

Here is a living example of the beautiful way that DDO lets you take similar characters in different directions. Utterly different. And still enjoy both sets of results.

Consider the two characters illustrated above. Both are Favored Souls. Both have a lot of Charisma and Constitution. They both choose from the same spell list, and have the same basic class feats. Both put a lot of ranks in Concentration. They have a lot in common.

But they remain utterly different.

Diabola Death’s Handmaiden is a Warpriest. She has a lot of Strength. And three Paladin levels. She has ranks in Intimidate. She wears the heaviest of armor and shields. She melees. Or really, she tanks, and does so fairly effectively. Yes she can cast spells, and does, both offensively and even (rarely) for party support. But mainly she tanks and keeps herself healed. Fight fight fight.

She is also eeeeevil. Or at least, so I dress her, and so I imagine her, even though she can’t really have an evil alignment in DDO. But there she is, with her familiar DubiousIntent, being as awesomely terrifying as I can make one little bad-hearted Halfling.

Beatifica Evildoers Beware is an Angel of Vengeance. She is a pure Favored Soul with maximum Charisma. She has ranks in Heal and Spellcraft. She wears only medium armor, and although she has a shield, she prefers a great big casting implement (that falchion is actually a Devotion of Healing Lore item). She is a caster, first and foremost, bringing the purity of fire to the party (and the occasional Cometfall). She heals too, quite well, or at least, as well as I remember to heal with her (she has the same basic healing handicap as my cleric Brymn. Me. I am the handicap). She hits things too, often, but mainly she nukes, and throws a mass heal, and nukes some more. Cast cast cast.

She is also Good, the kind of Good that comes with a capital “G”. She dresses Good, as much as I can dress her, although she should really be in Shining Armor. She has no familiar, not yet, none of them seem Good enough for her; if only there was a tiny Archon. She is as beneficently positive as I can make a little pure-hearted Halfling be.

Two Favored Souls. Two distinctly different playing styles. Yes, they have role-playing differences, not that I role play, but still. That is not the point. The differing playing styles are the point. I can play Beatifica with the guild and keep the whole party up (or at least resurrected), throwing powerful Cometfalls like nobody’s business. Or I can play Diabola, probably solo, toggle on the Divine Power and Divine Might and Divine Favor and devastate my enemies. I can play them back to back without feeling like I am repeating anything.

One class. Two characters. Two entirely different ways to play.

This is why I am disappointed in the new Barbarian enhancement pass. There will be three different kinds of barbarians but they will all play basically the same. A different action boost here and there, but all will be melee, all will most likely be DPS, no tanks that I can foresee. I could have one of each type but I’d never play them all, it would feel like playing one character that just levels three times as slowly as it should.

Oh well. Not every change can be a good change. And I still have my two angels, one fallen, one burning brightly.

Very fallen. And very brightly.

I love my good and bad girls. I wish I could play them both at the same time.

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  1. Nice one. It added fuel to a new fire recently lit under my butt by a forum post on the basics of a build. Sometimes I wonder why we cannot create Evil characters to work in some role-play but still completing quests in at least an anti-hero mode that doesn’t break overall game progression.

    The halo-like circlet and gargoyle make the shots *perfect.*

  2. Really, you need the Death’s Door shield to complete the evil ensemble there πŸ™‚

  3. Nice comparison between the two πŸ™‚ !!

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