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Smite Chelena, Smite!
All it takes to be badass is one weapon. If it is the right one.

Some quests demand a specific weapon. Something with Good on it for the Delera’s chain. Something with adamantium for Jungle of Khyber. Something for the portals in the Shroud.


But no quest or adventure area in the game is so weapon-myopic as is the House Cannith Manufactory, and for that matter, most of the quests contained therein.

You must have a Smiting weapon. You just must.

DDO players often give advice in the form of “you must do this” or “if you don’t do this you will be gimp” or other similar, dire, you-must-or-else terminology. Usually, that thing they are trying to get you to do is really just an incremental improvement.

But this time, no, this is not the case. You really do want to bring a smiter with you anytime you enter the Manufactory.

Every single opponent is a construct.* And the Smiting effect just chews up construct opponents. +4D6 damage, +100 extra bonus damage on a natural 20, and sometimes (depending on their remaining hit points) it just slays them entirely. Poof, gone, no longer a problem.

* Okay, yes I know, there are about six humans in the room that leads to the Master Artificer raid adventure area. Six. Out of 150 or so constructs in the rest of the Manufactory. I think that still counts.

The image above is my fighter, Chelena Armstrong, and her Metalline Falchion of Smiting with applied Festival Icy Burst. Technically Chelena is Maul-specced; she is a Kensai III with all of the weapons specializations applied to Maul – but the smiting effect is so powerful that it doesn’t seem to matter.

Smite. Just smite. You will be a badass. Trust me.

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  1. Great writing. Thanks for sharing your love of the game in your own unique lighthearted way.

  2. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks. I did not know that. I’ve only run the manufactory on my cleric, and she casts spells + uses her min2 gs scimitar.

  3. An adamantine weapon’s pretty important, too.

  4. Cannith is one of very few places where Acanthia will take off her Grave Wrappings. Smiters are just TOO freaking awesome there.

  5. Jerry is right (as if anyone needed me to tell them that! LOL) Any old smiter will NOT do. You want a Metalline or Adamantine smiter.

  6. Always seems kinda funny to me that one of the best smiters is still the old ML6 mace of smiting – blunt, adamantine & smiting… the only construct it isn’t all that effective on is the lord of blades himself, where you need adamantine plus good.

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