Jun 202013


Good news everyone!

So, there I was, minding my own buisness on Twitter, when I saw it! the most beautiful thing in the world. For now, Guild Renown Decay is no more! For now. This was very very good news for, not just me, but quite a few people.

Now, I know there are going to be people who are up in arms about this change. Im going to mention why Im happy about it though. I dont get a whole ton of playtime in on DDO. When I do, I tend to be over the quest level, sometimes by alot, so I cant get alot, if any, renown for my guilds. Yes, I said Guilds not Guild. Plural. Im in four Guilds on three servers. Why? Well, for starters, cause I can be. But most importantly each guild is run by a DDO buddy of mine.

On Cannith is the main guild Im in, Destiny. Started by Shin its a small group of people who play casually. We managed to get to level 51, mostly due to Shins efforts, but getting much further is going to be a challenge for us as the number of people who play in it are small or only play on certain days of the week.

On Orien is my little one girl guild. I havent reached the point where I can gain renown decay yet but the chances of me being able to keep up with it are pretty slim and Im not open to opening my guilds doors to people. Unless I really like them.

Then finally on Sarlona theres Evennotes guild and that other guild full of crazy people who only play on Halflings. The… uh… the uh… What do they call themselves again? OH! Right! The Halfling Commandos! Both guilds plus my Orien one have been neglected by me because I always felt bad for being responsible for some of Destinys decay.

What no decay does is open doors for people to take the time to play in non main guilds with friends without the nagging feeling of ‘If I play here today I gotta do something tomorrow in my main one to make up for the decay’ stuff. It gets rid of the ‘I just HAVE to earn this much renown today while playing’ feeling. So its a nice change, even if its only temporary.

Now, the people who are going to be, or already are, upset about the it going away? Why are they upset for? Because they dont believe everyone deserves to have a level 100 guild. Which is silly because thats like running around on a capped character and getting angry whenever you see another capped character. They dont like it because they take the fact Turbine called it ‘Renown’ instead of ‘Guild XP’ or ‘XP’ way too seriously. But really, isnt that all guild renown is? Guild XP? The answer is yes. Thats all it is. There is no ‘Fame’ rating in DDO. How ‘Famous’ your guild is depends solely on how the people of your guild treat other players or how well they run quests. No one runs around going ‘Questing with that guy was great because he was in such a high level guild!’

Not every guild can be large. Not every guild can run quests 24/7. Not everyone can split there attention between multiple guilds, each of which they want to play in. Some of us prefer the small – medium guilds with a more tightly knit community of players who are familiar with each other. Weather people like it or not, my little one girl guild on Orien isnt any less worthy of reaching level 100 than someones guild with 100 players.

So, along with the large chorus of players and to the dismay of a few, I hereby declare my support for ridding DDO of guild renown decay on a permanent basis! It doesnt actually DO anything for the game. Getting rid of it wont ruin anyones gameplay experience. If it does, Im sure theres pills for that.

Anyways, just wanted to share my joy in this matter. Hope everyone takes care!


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PS: From here on out, I will be posting exclusivley here on DDOGamer. The only exceptions will be when I have a non DDO topic that I feel I need to speak about(as has happened a few times). So, sit back and enjoy not having to switch between two mizzablogs!

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  1. w00t w00t
    happy, happy, joy, joy

  2. I’m guessing that, with all the XP and loot bonuses recently, DDO is attempting to stem a probable decrease in player time due to summer distractions but especially new Bright and Shiny games like NWO. Can’t say I don’t blame them, and the changes benefit many.

    That said, it still takes a lot of renown to get very high, so it’s not like we’ll see a lot of 80+ guilds soon.

  3. “Minding your own business on Twitter” – doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of Twitter? You are supposed to use Twitter to put all things DDO far and away above all else in your life. You must immediately stop whatever stupid real-life stuff you’re doing and hasten to coddle those exalted DDO folk who are just so smart and uber, they rule us all. Failure to do so means that you are being rude and ignorant… I know, I’ve been told by possibly the Most Uberest of the SuperDuperUber people because *gasp* as someone who VERY infrequently Twits, I commited the unconscionable sin of failing to respond to a message I didn’t see, because I was stupid enough to actually choose real life people over DDO Twits… OK, I’m ranting now and that SHOULD be ancient history anyway, except I just got an E-mail last night that mentioned it.

    But anyway! The Sarlona edition of Flower Sniffers appreciates your support! And don’t worry about renown even when it DOES go back into effect; you’re probably on there more than I am. LOL

    (And yes, I SOOOO owe you several E-mails, and you are SOOOO failing by being patient and not going around trashing me on Twitter for having a real life that I value more than DDO.) ;D <3

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