A New Beginning!

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Jan 292014



Hello world!

I’m Count Babcula, and I’ve been playing DDO since the Free to Play Beta on Lamannia. On the last day of the beta I was running around the harbor when I spotted something in the general chat, something that would change my DDO playing experience forever. It was a guild recruitment message, but not any guild recruitment message; it was a message recruiting players for a PermaDeath guild on Sarlona. I immediately loved the idea; for someone who came to DDO because of Pen and Paper, PermaDeath was just the thing to make the game more exciting.

I spent the next three years trying my best to leave the harbor. It probably took me a couple of months before I survived past 4; I remember, like it was just yesterday, the first time I hit level 5. I was a Dwarven Wizard, and I was so excited to finally cast 3rd level spells! It took me about 10 minutes to die in the fire trap in The Smuggler’s Warehouse. I had just gotten a 30 minute Tumble cast on me by the evil acrobat in the marketplace and thought I could tumble after my guild leader when he ran past the trap; sadly, tumbling is slower than running, and I burned to a crisp.

It took me a while, but eventually I broke the curse. At the time, my record was 11 (a Warforged Barbarian); but a blessing soon arrived. Artificers! I built a Warforged Artificer and dashed through the levels until I hit 12 in record time. Overconfident, perhaps, I joined a fellow guildmate in the Orchard. He was mobbed by monsters; I tried to save his soul stone instead of fleeing, but succumbed to their assault as well. Thus ended the life of the highest level character I ever had. But that night ended more than just the life of a Warforged Artificer; it also ended the curse. The next character I rolled up was a Dwarven Ranger, and — over a very long time, filled with breaks from DDO and spurts of play that saw 3 or 4 levels in a week or two — I hit Epics.

My Ranger is now 21, and closing in on 22. I’ve got a number of other PD characters, two of whom have surpassed the brink of the curse and are heading towards Epics as well. But I have realized something… I’ve gotten to know every inch of every quest below 15 and have a passing familiarity with almost all of the content. Yet I know almost nothing about the lore of the game, the plotlines that somehow seem connected but which I’ve never bothered to explore!

I have decided to change this. I am rolling up a new character who I will take for a wild, wild ride. I will start at level 1 and make my way to Epics, running every last quest and adventure area. I will take things slow, soloing if I must as I do not want to slow others down. Once I hit Epics, I just might TR and make this my first-ever general public character. I still love PermaDeath and my main focus it shall remain, but sometimes I’m the only one on, or I lose a character I worked hard on. During those times, I want some time off. This character will give me that.

I’ll be posting here with two types of posts. First, I’ll keep you guys updated about my quest for lore, and what enchanting plotlines I’ve discovered. Second, if anything particularly awesome happens in the Wonderful World of PermaDeath, I’ll let you know!

Well, I’m out of time. I’ll begin my adventure next time!

Count Babcula

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  1. Welcome! If you need any tips on Monks, just ask. It’s not a FtP class but you can build up enough TP to buy it.

    • I actually have all the classes and have played on them (or at least the first 8 or so levels of each) quite a bit. I have been VIP for long stretches of time in the past, and have picked up some TP too. I’m not playing a monk for this first life; I’ve been planning this build for a while and think it’s really coming together well… but you’ll have to wait to see what it is! 😉

  2. Excellent first post! I am looking forward to seeing what comes next 🙂

    Welcome to DDOGamer!

  3. Hello! Welcome to the bloggy world! I am Empress Mizzaroo, ruler of DDO & the Sith Empire. If you have any requests please direct hem towards someone like Mr Geoff Hanna. He is a most goodly man.

  4. PD was my first love in DDO, still play though mostly solo as the guild has shrunk to 1 or 2 players. Never made it past 9 on PD, lol. Anyhoo, look forward to reading your journey.

  5. I enjoyed your 1st post very much! It will sate my desire to play until game time 🙂

  6. I love hearing about DDO lore. Looking forward to your future posts 🙂

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