A Moment of Zen

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Aug 222016

Click the image to unfold the serenity

This is a short video loop of water lilies in the rain. It was so much better in person; maybe if I’d had a tripod and could have captured the moment without the human frailties of camera shake.

But even so, even with camera shake, and even though this is a tiny fragment of what was an entire tableau of beauty, still it holds a piece of the place.

The water garden at Denver Botanic Gardens is impressive in its stillness and beauty. I am not the only one so inspired – here is another vision, and here is another. It is just like that. It is inspiring.

When my Gamer Girl and I were visiting, a light rain fell for just a few minutes. Not enough to make one rush for cover or be uncomfortable in any way; a light liquid blessing from above. It made everything even more magical than it had been.

Click the image, if you haven’t already, to start the animation. Imagine the feel of the raindrops, here and there, tiny and welcome on a hot day. Imagine the sound of the drops in the pond. Imagine a half-acre of still water, artfully adorned with lilies and hyacinths and other representative specimens of water-borne flora.

Imagine the peacefulness and beauty.

Aaaaaah. So nice.

Or maybe you just had to be there.

🙂 😀 🙂

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