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Ejecta sees a lot of grind in her future
Looking into the future …
a lot of work to do

For some time now I’ve been planning to TR my original wizard Sparksy into an Artificer. It fits her character better than wizard, although you’d have had to have known Sparksy as a PnP character to realize this, and you’d have to be a seriously dedicated nerd-being to care.

Which of course, I am.

So Sparksy will be walking the green mile and coming out the other side as a level one Artificer. Done and done, and made all the easier knowing that Update 13 promises to allow consumed Tomes to remain on the TR’d character. A nice change by the way, Tomes are no longer dead to me.

But – and there always has to be a “but” – no one else in my guild plays a crowd control (CC) wizard. Knowing that we still need the capability, I’ve been growing a replacement named Ejecta. She’s capped now, but still not completely ready to assume the mantle. Sparksy has been around since 2007 and has a very nice pile of raid gear and epics. Ejecta has been around a few weeks and has nothing.

Sparksy’s loadout evolved one item at a time. Ejecta is such a blank slate that I have to design her kit from scratch. Daunting, but not really a bad thing, not at all.

First, I identified what capabilities I wanted her to acquire through gear. Ejecta (and Sparksy before her) use the Tim the Enchanter build. Thus, an emphasis on Enchantment. My list, sorted by priority:

  • +7 Intelligence
  • +1 Exceptional Intelligence
  • +2 Exceptional Intelligence
  • Spell Penetration IX
  • Greater Enchantment Focus
  • Archmagi
  • Archmage
  • Greater Arcane Lore
  • Superior Potency VII
  • Toughness
  • Superior False Life
  • +6 Constitution
  • +1 Exceptional Constitution
  • +2 Exceptional Constitution
  • Heavy Fortification
  • Deathblock
  • Greensteel Elemental Energy Spell Points
  • Greensteel Elemental Energy Hit Points
  • +15 Concentration
  • +6 Strength
  • +6 Wisdom
  • +6 Dexterity
  • Epic Magnetism
  • Fearsome
  • Disease Immunity
  • 30% Striders

Anything beyond this list would be gravy, and really some of the list items are probably gravy too.

The next, harder part, was to go through the various references and try to find all of the items that possess these capabilities. The static list on the forum is out of date but still helpful. DDO Wiki item listings are not always complete but when they have something it is accurate. jjflannigan’s searchable listing was a huge plus. None of these sources were sufficient by themselves but when put together I was able to make a comprehensive list of possible items.

The hardest to get slotted was +7 Intelligence. It is only available on a small handful of items. No choice but to put it in the armor slot. Next, remove slots that already have allocated items, specifically a ToD set and one already-completed greensteel cloak.

That allowed me to decide on the remaining slots fairly easily. My final list:

  • Head – Epic Elder’s Cap: +15 Concentration, Greater Enchantment Focus
  • Necklace – Silver Flame Talisman: Deathblock
  • Trinket – Epic Dusk Heart: Superior False Life, yellow slot (Disease Immunity), clear slot (+6 WIS or +6 STR depending on ToD ring found)
  • Cloak – Greensteel Cloak: Hit Points
  • Belt – Rahkir’s Sash: Archmagi, Archmage
  • Boots – Epic Boots of Corrosion: green slot (toughness), clear slot (+6 DEX)
  • Bracers – Greensteel Bracers: Spell Points
  • Goggles – Magewright’s Spectacles: spell penetration IX
  • Ring 1 – Rahkir’s Ring: Archmage, exceptional intelligence +1, exceptional intelligence +2
  • Ring 2 – a ToD ring with (+6 STR or +6 WIS), +1 Exceptional constitution, +2 Exceptional constitution
  • Armor – Epic Diabolist’s Robe: +7 intelligence, blue slot (heavy fortification), clear slot (+6 constitution)
  • Mainhand – Skiver: Greater Arcane Lore
  • Offhand – Epic Ornamented Dagger: Superior Potency VII

Looks daunting. I only have three of these items on Ejecta now. All of the others are going to require a grind. Actually, several different grinds: two ToD rings, a complete set of untold legends, one run through each of the necropolis crypts, 13 more shrouds so I can get a cleansing stone, AND four epics including a desert epic.

There are two other items I’d like but can’t find room to slot: the Air bracers from Cannith Challenges and the necklace you can earn from the Emerald Claw in the Necropolis.  This means I won’t have Epic Magnetism and I won’t have Fearsome. No room for 30% striders either. There aren’t enough slots to get everything 🙁

Besides, this saves me an entire grind (1800 Cannith Challenge collectibles), which is a plus, I have plenty to do as it is. First things first. The Diabolist robe and Rahkir’s Ring are the key. Those two  alone  let me stop carrying a +9 Intelligence dagger and start swapping in the new and improved gear set.

Best get on it, loot isn’t going to grind itself …

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Also, IIRC, U13 promises “full loot end reward lists” after every 3 runs of certain quests. So that might help.

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