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This wont be a very long blog as its just a personal observation of mine that occured on DDO today.

So, I went onto DDO today and decided to start a wilderness only character on Cannith. When I went into the character creation screen I noticed the Iconic button and decided to have a look at the classes and stuff.

One thing I find fun in class based RPGs is to read up on each particular classes description. So I went through each Iconic Classes description and was impressed with each of them except for one. The one that I didnt like was the Purple Dragon Knights. I found it to be a little disturbing.

the thing I found disturbing was the fact that the characters background is essentially that they are a death seeker, or put more simply, theyre suicidal. They head out into the world looking for anyone or anything to kill them. I find that disturbing.

When it comes down to things in the game, if Turbine wants to add something thats fine. They added those two tomb thingies for those two guys before I started playing, but thats fine because they were important for D&D players or something. When they added the ribbons & marketplace memorial[DDO]/cloaks[LotRO], I was a staunch supporter for them adding those items because it was a way for players to show support for an event that happened where the people who work for Turbine and their friends and families live.

For me though, making a characters background that theyre suicidal kinda crosses a very personal line in my world. Over the course of my 22 years Ive lost three friends to suicide. When I was 14, me and my brother walked into our Aunts home to see her put a gun in her mouth and pull the trigger. A few years later I spent what felt like an eternity in a deep depression where I woke up and fell asleep every morning and night just wanting to end my life.

Sure, you can tell me ‘Its just a game.’. Youre right. It is. Sure, I can ignore the class background. Yes, I realize that, for the most part, the only people who really incorporate class backgrounds into their characters are those people who do that little make believe thing. But even with all that, I still find it very disturbing that Turbine would make a character whos background makes them suicidal.

Now, I know that no one from the Turbine staff who works on that kind of thing is going to see this. I also know that even if one did, they wouldnt give the slightest damn about how I feel about it. Its just the way they roll. I just wanted to write this though to voice my opinion on something that really does bother me in a personal manner within the game.

Thats all I wanted to say. If you disagree, thats fine. I know we all have differing opinions on stuff. All I ask is that you try and understand from my point of view.

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  1. At this point I have not seen this.( I will be looking later today) But, the sheer idea of heading out into the world looking for anyone or anything to kill me does not sound like a being I would want to be.. And yes I believe the sight of one of these could cause memories one would not want to remember..

    • Well at a second look its worded more like ‘one last mission where you can honorably die’. But even worded like that its still pretty much saying the character is suicidal as they want to take on a suicide mission. But, that’s just my view on it.

  2. There’s nothing noble in recklessly seeking one’s own death. However, I believe the PDK has been slated to have his own introductory adventure. I could be misremembering or just outright wrong about that, though. But I think it’d add a lot to these Iconic characters if they did have unique starting adventures designed for them. Sort of a Korthos For One where new players (the ostensible audience for these characters) get to learn how to play while also getting a feel for the pre generated background.

    Also, I’m sorry you and your brother had to see that. >huggles<

  3. While your aversion to this is understandable, and rightly justified, You may also want to consider how many cultures around the world where the leading warriors like the Samurai for instance, went into battle expecting to die, and looking to die as honorably as possible. The belief was that to be a good warrior one could not fear death. One had to embrace death, and accept it. To these people it was more respectable to die in battle, than to live to old age in some cases. It was certainly more respectable to die in battle than to flee, or to fear for your life.

    These warriors were also entirely dedicated to their respective lords. To the point where if they disgraced themselves or their lords, the only way to retain their honor as a warrior and a person was to commit ritual suicide.

    While the PDK iconic class may not be based on the samurai, or any other historical warrior class for that matter, the fact is that this sentiment is a very real one in our world. And all games in some way draw from the real world for inspiration. So while it may seem disturbing, it has it’s place in the world.

    Now, all that being said, I am very, very sorry for what you’ve had to experience and the emotions that this would bring out in you. I’ve personally dealt with suicide in my life many times, least of which was my own attempts. The key is to realize that for a warrior looking for a “good death”, or a “good place to die” is an entirely different can of worms that our modern interpretation of suicide. The two do not necessarily have anything to do with each other.

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