Sep 182013

Dyna the Cat sketches a variety of races
DynaTheCat “Had an idea about what happens when D&D races get sick”

Somehow, I who am the forum prowler, I who lurk the farthest crevices of DDO forums, I who flit from forum page to forum page like an all-searching butterfly, somehow, I missed one. A good one.

So often the DDO forums are filled with bile and spew, or repetitive blather, or just the same old same old. But not this time.

I stumbled across a five-page thread that is essentially a sketchbook for a very talented forumite name Dyna the Cat. Her* thread is buried in the depths of the Screenshots, Fanart, & Videos! section, easy to overlook, but well worth the search.

* I assume it is a “her” rather than a “his”, no way to know for sure, but a dude is probably not going to be “the Cat”. Maybe “the Lion”, or “the Cheetah”. But probably not “the Cat”.

Five pages that is largely filled with her sketches, along with adoring comments from the less-talented. She has a bit of fan fiction linked in too, hardly seems fair that someone who can draw like that can also write like that, but so it goes.

The thread is named Dyna’s Fan Kat Korner. Not always DDO-related but always delightful. I was saddened to reach the end. Maybe we can all give her some forum rep and encourage her to post more? And more often!

It is a very enjoyable use of forum space, and one I recommend highly to everyone.

Thank you DynaTheCat!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Hmmm, I wonder if that’s the same Dynathecat whose EE Tracker’s Trap Even was just in. (Wow. For someone who writes/edits for a living, my grammar SUCKS when I’m tired.)

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