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Ejecta and her fully-upgraded Thunder-Forged Orb

So I have this problem. It’s not a real problem, not like kidney stones or eviction notices, it’s just in-game. Even calling it a “problem” is problematic; it’s really a choice. Between alternatives that are all-good. So, not really a problem, and no matter which way I go, things will be pretty good.

And yet it has been bugging me for the better part of two weeks.

A couple of Guild Epic Fridays ago, we ran the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar. It was the first time for two people. Already awesome, being with people who are encountering it anew makes it even more fun. Such good times.

We didn’t prompt them much, these two, but they led charmed lives; rolling dice whenever there was a choice, and inevitably (unbelievably!) avoiding the trapped doors and other opportunities for certain death. They even survived the stairs that turn into a razor-embellished slide; they set it off, both of them, but somehow managed to get to the bottom alive.

We weren’t rooting for them to die, that would be morbid, but still … well maybe we were rooting a little. It is pretty funny.

But I digress. This is not about the luckiest first-time Haunted Hall explorers ever. It is not even about the Haunted Halls themselves, as much as I love them. No. It is about what what we found near the end of the Haunted Halls. A book. To be specific, the Libram of Silver Magic.

Something I’d been seeking. Something that is a pretty rare drop and had eluded our entire party throughout the first dozen or so Haunted Halls expeditions. I’d never even seen it. But there it was, in my loot list. I snagged it! Happily, I might add, thrilled even, at last I had it!

The next day I logged in to allocate the Libram. I’d looted it on my Commando. As nice as it is, it is not very Commando-like. It is more scholarly, more castery. It is for someone who has INT or CHA as a prime statistic. A wizard. Or maybe, an artificer. And as it happens, I have one of each that are both at the right level range.

Ejecta Patera, my “Tim the Enchanter” control wizard. And Sparksy, my spelltinker artificer, are both capped and both seem like good targets for such an epic magic item.




Not as much as I’d thought. It seems that both of them already have something in their off-hand. Something important. Something hard to set aside, even for an addition like the Libram.

Sparksy has rune-arms. And even though she is a much better caster than she is a crossbowman, she still is a crossbowman pretty often, and the rune-arm is a big part of that.

Ejecta has an Orb. A Thunder-Forged Orb. While there is nothing that unique about Thunder-Forged, this one piece happens to be the only Tier 3 item that I have on any character. The only one. And it is pretty cool.

Huh. A dilemma. A delicious one where all the choices are good, but still, a dilemma nonetheless.

Libram Orb Rune-Arm
+11 Orb bonus +12 Orb bonus A variety of special ranged attacks
and a variety of effects that assist cross-bowing
+10 stacking potency +100 non-stacking potency
+2 stacking spell crit +17 non-stacking spell crit
Orange Slot Orange Slot
+6 Enchantment DC
Clear slot
+11 INT
+20 Spellcraft

It’s not even a simple option to just have Ejecta re-craft the thunder-forged attributes onto her main hand weapon. She already has a scepter there with +7 spell penetration. Which is pretty important too.


Such a problem. As in, not really a problem at all, but nonetheless I am stymied. Do I rework Ejecta a little to get that yummy +11 INT and stacking caster bonuses at the cost of DCs or Spell Pen? Do I rework Sparksy to be all-caster-all-the-time and put away the crossbows and rune-arms?

Do I shelve the Libram and absorb the guilt of looting something that spectacular for myself and not even using it?

There is another alternative. I could level up my Sorceror just for the purpose of having someone to use the book. But my Sorceror is also my Hagglebot and never quests; the Libram would still be essentially shelved.

See? A problem. In gilt form.

What do you think?

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  1. You poor , poor soul. Such decisions to make!

  2. Why can’t you just have it as an alternate equipment option for your wizard? Run the same quest twice but using each item and see which performs best. Reworking your artificer so they only cast and don’t use their unique class abilities with crossbow and runearm seems a bit of a waste. Food for thought, bon appetite!

  3. Odd that there’s no implement bonus on the orb.

  4. For Sparksy, you can always (weapon-set) slot your rune arm/x-bow and libram/’whatever’ and switch, as needed. That’s why they give you 10 – I mean, 20 – weapon-set slots, you know. (Of course, you do.)

  5. I think it’s a quandary, and I don’t have enough experience to provide sound advice. However thinking about it just stylistically don’t you play an artificer to work out you desire to turn mobs into pin cushions? Wouldn’t this rob you of that kind of release mostly? Perhaps if Ejecta has it it can be swapped on with the tier 3 orb depending on which is better in any given situation?

    Only on my first third-life so still a noob.

    PS keep the posts coming, I’m living vicariously. πŸ˜‰

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