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So, as I mentioned in my last blog(or one of my last blogs), Ive spent this month with my siblings along with my niece & nephew. Overall, it was an amazingly fun month. Sadly, as all things that are fun seem to do, time passed way to quickly. Even though the number of hours, minutes and seconds in a day dont change, they still feel like they fly by when youre having fun which leaves some measure of heartache for me when it comes to saying farewell.

We did alot of stuff. From wrestling, drinking, playing video games and exploring the great outdoors. Not REALLY exploring as these are places we know like the backs of our hands, but still outdoors and away from all the clutter of the city. I managed to take somewhere upwards of 100 pictures during this whole thing, and no, dont worry, I have no intentions of posting them ALL here. That would be insane. I will post some of them though!

iphone 008

This is a family photo from the BBQ. This isnt the whole family mind you, not even a quarter of it. Just the ones who could show up.

iphone 017iphone 014iphone 016iphone 012

These 4 are from when we went road tripping to Multnomah Falls. I took more pictures from there, but these were my favorites.

iphone 039 iphone 040 iphone 037 iphone 041

These 4 were from the Fish Hatchery just up the road from the falls. The top 2 were taken in the area where you can feed the fish. The 3rd was a picture of one of the giant Sturgeon and the bottom picture is a pool full of baby fishies!

iphone 066 iphone 065

After the Fish Hatchery we were oh so very hungry so we went to the AMAZING Char Burger resteraunt. Sadly the awesome upstairs was closed but we still got to eat there. The top picture was taken outside the resteraunt. The bottom picture was taken from within and is of the Bridge of the Gods.

iphone 068 iphone 072 iphone 070iphone 071

After we ate, we headed back towards the Hatchery and went to visit Bonniville Dam. The third picture is a fish ladder and the bottom picture is a water turbine.

iphone 073

This is from the last trip we took to the beach with one of my brother in laws buddies. The girl is my niece and the boy is my brother in laws buddies son.

So, like I said, it was an overall great and fun month. There are people I wish I had had a chance to see. People whom I didnt get to see enough. Places Id wish I couldve gone. Things I wish I couldve done. But what I did was great. Im still sad that I gotta go back North with only 3 of my brothers but I can wait and survive until next time we can all get together and do this again. If I dont survive, Im haunting mama Grim.

On a big plus note, I did manage to get 4 awesome games for my 360!

iphone 075

One was a Bday gift, two were given to me by one of my brother in laws brothers and one was bought by me for me.

I did manage to sporadically hop onto DDO & Neverwinter during the month. Took a few character screenshots for here too.


This beauty is my Drow Tempest Ranger Natalysia. So far, shes managed to dominate all content she encounters without the aid of a Cleric! Or any hireling, for that matter.


This is Natalysa, obviously, my Great Weapon Fighter on Neverwinter.


Lastly, this is Natalysia, my Drow Trickster Rogue, on Neverwinter. Shes also the inspiration behind me creating my Tempest Ranger on DDO.

Well folks, thats it for this blog! Hope you all enjoyed and I hope to see you all again soon! On a quick note, I didnt manage to spend any time working on Journey so its going to be delayed. Again. Sorry!


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  1. It sounds like a really nice month 🙂

  2. 1) Well, ACTUALLY, this month was shorter than others – by one hour (the transition to DST).
    2) I don’t see any blue (or purple, pink, or other “weird” colored) Mohawks in the fam pic.
    3) Silly me – I thought you were in “TEY-hass”, not “Ory-gun”.
    3a) If I recall correctly, Multnomah Falls is the 2nd (maybe 3rd?) highest falls in CONUS (that’s “Continental US” or “Contiguous US” or “Lower 48”).
    3b) The “Bridge of the gods” is so named because there used to be a natural land-bridge at that location.
    4) Nice XBox-360 games. Hopefully, you will get the new “Thief” game, too (though I have heard some reports that it’s not as good as the original original, but I have noi first-hand knowledge).
    4a) Like older PC games? Then you might like Older games “patched/tweaked” to run on modern OSes and hardware. All are (legally) DRM-free and most are for around $5-to-$10 each (so endeth the schilling…).
    5) Sounds like you had fun. Good for you!

    {OK, that’s more then enough of that from me – hehehe.}


    • 1) DST never seems to affect me.

      2) you should know better than to think that I’d step in front of a camera.

      3) what the hell is tey hass?

      3a) something like that.

      3b) then it took an arrow to the knee. (Oh god… I can’t believe I just said that…)

      4) I’m waiting until it has more reviews/ratings/stuff(maybe a demo) before I spend a million bucks on it. But I am keeping tabs on it.

      4a) I use & dosbox.

      5) yeah!

      • “TAY-hass” = Texas (only with a [pseudo-]Texan ‘accent’).

        • I never realized that’s how it sounded and I’ve been around a lot of texans!

          • OOPS – didn’t really mean ‘Texan’ accent. Really more of a pseudo-Spanish (OK, OK – pseudo-Mexican) accent. Sort of.

            {Or is that “MAY-hee-can”?}


  3. p.s. I love your family. Awesome photo 🙂

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