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A frog in a bar
Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gal

So now I have this frog. With a formal top hat.

He croaks, or stands on his head, or jumps up and does a flip. Sadly, he does not talk, but maybe that is a good thing, saving us from thousands of hoary old jokes.

So, there he is, being all frog-like, looking at me.

I’ve decided, at least for now, that he belongs to my tavern metal bard Rancyd. I’m not sure why, they just seem to go together better than any other character/frog combination I can picture.

In most versions of D&D, one can have a frog familiar, but I always avoided that choice. Not that I have anything against frogs, but they seem so … vulnerable. Since one loses hit points when your familiar dies, you want a robust familiar. A pocket rhino or maybe an armadillo. Something dextrous like a cat, or that can fly away from trouble like an osprey.

As opposed to a frog, which largely just sits there. Your frog seems pretty much screwed. Unless your adventure is taking place in a pond (in which case, win!).

Maybe I am overstating frog fragility because of an incident when I was young (8? 9?) and had captured a magnificent frog while on a camping expedition. When I returned home I was put into a bath, a nice hot bath, and I thought my frog would enjoy it as well, not understanding that I was accidentally boiling him. To death.

See? Fragile.

But this new frog is different, he is made of the same invulnerable pixels as all the other creature companions. Giant foot stomps, dragon breath, lava pools, whatever, none of that bothers him the slightest bit.

Also he has that top hat.

What to name him? If I could remember the name of that poor boiled frog from my childhood I would definitely go with that. I distinctly remember the foil-wrapped file card box that I used to buried him (it was covered with 60s-motif flowers), but I can’t come up with the name, too many years in the past. What else is there?

Cannot be Kermit, because this frog is blue while Kermit must always be green.

I am leaning towards “Webster” but there is no way to rename a companion; I have to wait until I am sure the name is perfect.

Rarely thought, but true:
It’s not easy being blue
What frog name will do?

What are you all naming your frogs? Or did anyone else even bother to get a frog?

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. πŸ™‚ I got 3 new pets with the prepurchase of the xpack, so didn’t feel a need to get more. Also, I didn’t quite like the frog.

  2. Obviously his name is Mr. Peeps and he’s the cutest, little, web-footed fellow ever!

  3. Mine was naturally named Hypnotoad…. ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!

    Also i think PhaddeusPWinklemeir could be a fun name

  4. I vote for Mr. Quigley Quiggle Quibbit III

  5. Actually, you *can* rename companions – it just costs (75?) TP (natch’). I renamed my black panther after getting the white winter cub one.

    If he sang, then obviously “Michigan J. Frog” would be the way to go.

  6. Clearly, it should be named Bloo.

  7. I have GRASHOPPER the companion of my Monk
    and I have Flippy the Frog.

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