Aug 062015

The Mizza Zone

Yeah I know. Using the word ‘fondly’ as I did was wrong. It just reminds me of the word ‘fondle’, which makes me giggle. Yes. Its okay to be taken aback by the fact Im a (nearly) 25 year old chicca with the brain of a 13 year old boy(sometimes).


So, youre all probably wondering(or at least most of you are wondering), ‘Whats Mizzy saying farewell to this time?’ Well, its simple! Im saying a temporary farewell to all of you wonderful peoples.

Now that I finished with school I took a few days off then got started on figuring out what exactly comes next. Decided to go with the plan A that Ive mentioned in blogs past, which is to join the Army. So, a couple days back I headed into the local office and spoked to someone, took the practice ASVAB test and scored high enough on it to get priority status. Then yesterday, I took the real test and scored high enough on it to blow away pretty much everyone in the office. So all I have left is to find and submit a couple documents then the enlistment process can take off. Right now Im projected to ship out for basic in a fewish months but until then its me making sure Im 100% ready to join, physically and shizz.

So, from this point onwards its no more mizzaplaying for at least until (roughly) early February. Ill still post my random crap occasionally on Twitter but thatll be about it. That or occasionally post a comment to a blog. Mostly though, Ill be lurking in the shadows… watching every single one of you… never too close but never far out of reach…

And thats pretty much it. Its not permenant, just lengthy. So all you people on the blogs, take care and all you people on the Twitter I seeeee youuuuu!


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  1. We’ll miss you on here. See you on Twitter.

  2. You make sure you keep in touch on twitter and let us know how you are doing!

  3. Good luck in the Army Mizz, and take advantage of all the advancement programs they offer (there are quite a lot!).

    And stay safe, okay?

  4. If you happen to be deployed, and you happen to be in a tunnel, and a kobold named Kaboom runs ahead, no matter what they teach you in Basic… DON’T FOLLOW IT.

  5. GO ARMY! BEAT NAVY! If you actually get to watch any of the Army-Navy games in-person, wave to the camera. (Of course, Air Force usually beats them both, but those games aren’t as publicized. GO AIR FORCE!)

    On the bright side, I bet most Army bases have better internet access than you currently do…

  6. BTW – I *think* Geoff’s post of “Everything is Thunder-Forged displaced yours on OurDDO, seeing as how he posted about 1 minute after you did, and for whatever reason OurDDO only takes one post per website(?). Which is why I missed your post originally.

    At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  7. Woo Mizz!

    Try not to laugh at the NCOs too much, at least not out loud *cough*, and take up smoking, you’ll get more time to polish your boots =)
    (OK, maybe don’t take up smoking.)

    I’m aware giving advice is often ill-advised, but when has that ever shut Bob up?! So, instead, have you an inkling of which corps you’d prefer to be “posted” to (or I think MOS is the trendy term in your part of the world)?

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