Jul 022012
Axes of Knicker
Axes of Knicker

Last week I successfully obtained another Templar’s Justice for Knicker. I had already acquired shard, seal and scroll: a quick hop to Lahar the epic vendor and she is dual-wielding Epic dwarven axes.

I used the red augment slot to add the ability to bypass DR/Silver, for both axes. Now I can use them to beat on bosses in both worlds: her treasured Mineral II axes are likely headed for the bank and a long, well-deserved rest.

I am quite pleased by this. I’d only been working on the two axes for a few weeks (as opposed to the semester it took me to get Ejecta kitted up), but still, identifying and achieving a complex goal provides a degree of satisfaction.

Even if it took all of my remaining Epic tokens.

Actually that last bit caused a flicker of unsurety: how will I replenish my (formerly quite sizable) pile of Epic tokens? Will I even bother? Is the Epic system still viable under the new expansion?

But no, I am casting aside all doubt and just enjoying the moment. Partly because I want to have fun with the new axes, and partly because this Epic discussion is an entirely separate blog post in its own right.

Axe in my left hand
Needs something for symmetry;
axe in my right hand

Back to the enjoyment portion of the program: Knicker capering about randomly, capriciously, without a care: dancing and waving her new axes and secretly hoping everyone will notice just how awesome they are. And they are truly awesome.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I still look forward to the day I make something Epic that did not come from a Graveyard or from a bunch of Kobolds and their crystals… gratz!

  2. Yesterday I started inciting my guildies to do epic content, because they are on Eveningstar since the release and I wanted to keep my every-3-days-runs of demon queen.
    So we started with adq 1 and 2 Epic normal, then Devil Assault, then E-chrono with only 7 people, it was easy, good and full of rewards. I know the idea is probably do it on hard or elite, but we started doing normal just to get xp and itens so we can, with time, do it harder. We lots of got shards, seals and even Temporary Red Augment Crystals. And also 2 scrolls have dropped.

    I’ve just finished lords of dust and offering of blood on Epic normal, alone but with Black Panther and Caraneth Myar (hire lvl 19) and got 2 scrolls and some named loot. Looks like they are dropping in any difficulty.

    I think that with the new Epic difficults, Everyone will be able to have something epic that isn’t from a graveyard or a kobold cave.

  3. From the time the challenges were introduced with Crystal Cove, the concept of 21-25 being epic has been in play, so I think epic gear is intended to be relevant moving forward, despite the new goodies in Faerun. The biggest boon is there’s a lot more flexibility for farming it across the new variety of epic difficulties.

    And there’s always challenges for token farming so you can upgrade your new goodies… 🙂

  4. TWO seals? I’ve ransacked those chests 7-8 times now and have yet to pull ONE seal 🙁 Kobold still hate you with much jealousy

  5. Those axes do indeed look cool Mr Geoffhanna!(aka ‘Grampy’) Heehee

  6. Man, and my ranger has yet to get even a single non-epic Templar’s Justice, as much as I keep drooling over ’em! (Although he does have a Nightmares DAxe of Maiming waiting for him to hit 21. A Terror DAxe! Whoo!)

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