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DangerDog wearing the Ancient Gemstone docent
DangerDog wearing the Ancient Gemstone docent

My OMG Artificer Sparksy has a dog. DangerDog. Like most pets, it requires attention and (expensive) accoutrement. It gets into trouble constantly, making unsightly messes in places that are inevitably somewhere out of the way and inconvenient.

Technically it is not really a dog, it is a homunculus. Except DDO is using that term incorrectly, in Dungeons & Dragons a homunculus is a tiny scaly humanoid that is usually encountered as a wizard’s familiar.

DangerDog wearing the Stone Heart docent
DangerDog wearing the Stone Heart docent

But maybe a giant metal robot dog is the Eberron equivalent? They are generally encountered as an Artificer’s familiar, so that is sort of like the same thing, even if not really very much.

Sparksy’s homunculus DangerDog sometimes breaks boxes. It is supposed to do that all the time, but like every pet I’ve ever personally owned, it is not well-trained and compliance with rules is seen more as a general guideline or suggestion than some kind of hard-and-fast regulation. Sometimes, now and then, a handful of boxes gets broken. Sometimes not.

It hates the training dummy on the ship. Hates, hates, HATES! So does my Gamer Girl’s wolf companion: the poor training dummy is covered with bite marks.

DangerDog wearing the Livewood Core docent
DangerDog wearing the Livewood Core docent

It is a very colorful dog as you can see. Neon green, fluorescent yellow, and blood red are only some of the colors I’ve seen on this dog. He’s been fuschia too. And darker purple. And all-black.

But mainly, DangerDog knows tricks, like “pull that lever” and “open that door”. Sometimes it puts itself between Sparksy and her enemies, using its body as a shield, willing to make whatever sacrifice is necessary to save its beloved master.

It loves Sparksy. As much as an animated version of a robot dog can, at any rate.

And I love it too. As much as I can love an animated version of a robot dog, in any case.

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  1. I’ve always wondered how to change the color of the dog. Mines only ever been red regardless of what I put on it. I’m guessing though I gotta get named docents?

    • I’ve never really figured out the logic to determine what colour my homunculus will appear in, it doesn’t seem to care anyway, so I stopped caring too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. The Training Dummy and I have a mutual dislike of each other, it started the first meeting aboard that first guild airship … oh, so many years ago!

  3. Eberron has several variant homunculi. I’m guessing DDO picked the Iron Defender combat type because combat is the main focus of DDO.
    Its still a magically-animated construct like a standard homunculus or a warforged is. Its just mostly made out of metal.

    • It’s also entirely possible it was because they already had a model (including animations/effects/etc) for it an iron defender, and the warforged would get jealous if arties got baby warforged (there’s also the politics of making more warforged…). I think a similar logic holds for druids and their companions, wolves were easy to make ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Still, just like I’d like to see more options for druid companions (and their wild shapes, for that matter!), other construct options (like that cosmetic pet golem) would be nice to see for the artificer homunculi, too.

  4. Yay for go-faster stripes ๐Ÿ™‚

    My arty’s DalaiDog (named because he far outstrips my arty in wisdom) still uses the old unsupressed quorforged docent, though i think one of the best bets (assuming you can get one) is probably the epic blademarks docent, since it has that yummy +15 vertigo on it, which can be a big help… the shadow dragonscale docent (assuming your dog has adamantine plating) could be a great option too i guess, assuming you’re willing to spend that much on it ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Oh the poor training dummy…it just doesn’t get any love…just hate, lol. Speaking of changing colors, it would be pretty cool to be able to get different coat colors for the druid wolf animal companion.

  6. I think the colors may also have something to do with the enhancement you train the dog with, too. Not sure about that, it’s just a theory.

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