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You and Me Against the World
Daring Duo

Now that Mawry has completed Completioning, my Gamer Girl and I are leveling our TR characters back up into Epics. One last time through the Heroic levels before permanently (? Permanently ? nothing is permanent) taking up residence in the higher levels.

Except this time we are doing it differently. Instead of maximizing XP per minute, as we have been doing for so long (so long!) we are instead running every quest on elite at level.

Every quest. On elite. At level.

It was my Gamer Girl’s idea, she wants the 5000 favor reward. I do too, I mean who wouldn’t want a +5 tome of your choice, but I would do it differently. Level first, favor second. But my Gamer Girl pointed out that this way we only have to run each quest once, instead of coming back to some of them later. More, she is looking for a change of pace; we’ve repeated the high XP quests so many times that she would rather rip her eyes out with a dull gardening implement than run Elite/Hard/Normal through any of them again.

Hard to argue with that last part. Besides, it will be fun, thinks I, sort of a farewell tour of the heroic quests.

Except no, it isn’t always fun, in some cases we no longer run specific quests for a reason, I keep forgetting that. For instance, I haven’t run Purge the Heretics since 2009. And I was quite fine with that. But I’ll be back in there today or tomorrow as we walk our way back up the levels.

One benefit of hitting all these old quests is that I no longer remember every detail of them. I am finding traps the old-fashioned way, with my face, instead of just knowing where every control box is. Secret doors surprise me. I don’t always have the exactly right weapon. On Elite, at level, there is little room for error; we are having to play our way through these quests, rather than just sleep-walking our way through a few high XP quests like we did before.

Fire trap!
Finding traps with your face

The fact that we are running so many quests at each level means that we don’t need bonus XP; quite the contrary, we sometimes flirt with being up against level caps while finishing off a specific level. No burning XP potions. No need to do every optional. No need to break boxes. That is the weirdest part, not breaking boxes. I am so accustomed to shattering my way through boxes and crates and jars that it is hard to stop. I have to remind myself, stop doing that!

On the other hand, we get through these quests pretty fast. They are shorter to begin with and our no-boxes, no-nonsense approach makes them that much the shorter. The other night we ran the entire Sharn Syndicate series and the Depths quests in house D, nine total quests, in about an hour. I don’t claim that to be any kind of record, I’m sure true speed runners would kill that time, but regardless, it means we finished a quest about once every seven or eight minutes.

Pretty fast.

And so off we go, hand in hand, my Gamer Girl and I, facing all of the peril that the game provides, all of it, one quest at a time. Filling out our Monster Manuals and piling up the favor.

Good times!

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  1. Welcome, to how the other half lives.

  2. Good luck when you get to In The Flesh! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. That’s how my partner & I tend to run from 1 – 20….

    Well.. apart from a few missions that we just.. um.. skip.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Yeah, I’m not fond of “Purge the Heretics” either (you know, being the “good guy” that I intrinsically am). But when I do run it (hopefully only once per toon per life for favor), I just let them hit *me* first. That way, I’m just defending myself; it’s not *MY* fault they won’t stop attacking me and run away like they should, so then they die, right?


  5. My favourite lives have been the Every-quest at level format. I have yet to find anyone willing to make the journey with raids included but tbh I am not a raid type player so I’ve never been very cranky about it. Several high level heroics have remained beyond my grasp for at-level elites. Before the AC changes it was def because of my lack of awesomeness, now……… Hmmmmm. *rummaging through new backpack page for some really good reason……. Aahhhh, here it is: too much xp avail and needing less to hit 20 and tr. ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck sir!

  6. At least with “Heretics” there is now a sense of closure with “Lords of Dust,” right?

    And I thought my solo challenge with one character seemed hard. Good luck! That should be fun (except the face-trapping).

  7. I like moving through all quests at level as I work through Erdrique’s lives, but I have also tried to max out the same level explorer zones. When I did this the last time, I had hit level 20 before I even got to the Vale of Twilight!! So there is plenty of experience out there for sure!! Have fun re-learning those old quest!!

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