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My Gamer Girl likes to have well-geared characters. Insists, in fact. I am in no way understating this; she absolutely hates to have her characters feel weak in any way, and proper gear is a big part of that.

But we aren’t playing as often as we used to, certainly not enough for the kind of grind that is required now for any of the top-shelf items. Many years of playing has left her with a nice piece of kit here and there, for most of her characters, but with gaps that increase in size as the characters approach and/or reach the level cap.

Her solution? Fill gaps by making gear herself via the new Cannith Crafting system.

Except … bewildering! And hard! And … poorly documented. At least until forum user ramzes7asit4 chose to grace us with a crafting planner that is so complete and thorough and easy-to-use that my Gamer Girl insisted I write about it.

Seriously. She insisted.

The new planner comes in two parts. The first part allows one to select an item and fill it with attributes, generating the recipe needed to create the item. Here’s the link:

It seems pretty straightforward, and similar to crafting planners that have been published previously for the older crafting system or for green steel.

One nice touch though, it bakes in the relationship between the gear slot and the types of abilities that can be built for that slot. No more do we need to do lookups on our own to ensure we really can put a specific attribute somewhere.

So far, so good, very useful even if nothing breathtakingly innovative.

And then we get to the second part of the planner and wow, this is so new and so innovative and so helpful. This is the part that made my Gamer Girl go all gushy and insistent. This.

The Gear Master allows you to specify what slots you want to fill, what level you want to fill them at, and the attributes you’d like to have.

Then it creates a matrix for you showing all of the combinations, in easy-to-select format. Better, it updates the matrix for you as you make selections, preventing you from trying to design a gear set that cannot be done, and making it all but trivial to match the attributes you want to have with what you need to do to get them.

Or you can work in a matrix that shows attributes by gear slot. Either or, and choices you make in one matrix update to the other, automagically.

And in a final touch of awesome, when you are done mixing and matching, a click of one button converts all of that into specific ingredient lists:

You can even mouseover an ingredient to get a list of quests where that ingredient drops.

The program is just that awesome.

Seriously, the game has needed this for SO LONG. And now here it is.

It is not easy to impress my Gamer Girl. No one has ever made a program so amazing that she insisted I write about it.

Until now.

Thank you Ramzes!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Easiest planner ever. Crafting is easy and makes a lot of sense.

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