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The original DDO game boxMy guildmate Hanork – a.k.a. Joshua, a.k.a. someone who by total coincidence has the exact same last name as I, clearly denoting a man of discernment and distinction – brought this topic up at the close of our gaming session last night.

What about a DDO classic server?

Hanork noted that a pirate World of Warcraft server – running a 2004-2006 version of the game – had managed to attract 800,000 players. 800,000! All playing WoW classic.

Everquest launched a series of classic servers last year (they call them Progression Servers, no idea why) although I cannot find anything describing how well they are doing. And Daybreak Games officially embraced a fan group running the 1999 version of the game.

So … there is some hunger for the original versions of these games. And it sort of makes sense – unlike any other type of video game, you can’t just re-install to get the original version. The original no longer exists.

After I’d logged off for the night, I got to wondering. What if there was a DDO classic server? What version would it be?

Not the launch version, clearly, there weren’t even any dragons in the launch version. It was Dungions & (TBA) Online.

Later in 2006 then? Somewhere around the Desert module release?

2007? Gianthold?

2008? The Vale?

Frankly, the greatest strength of DDO today is that there are so many quests. I’d hate to give that up. I wonder if it is possible to have all of the content of today merged with a classic version of the systems?

Imagine all of the quests we have today merged with the random weapons and rules from 2008. No Epic Destinies. No Twists of Fate. Not even Completionists. No one higher than level 20. Paralyze/Vorpal/Banish/Disrupt/Smite/Wounding of Puncturing.

Imagine trying to finish … say … Caught in the Web … with characters and power levels circa 2008. I don’t know if you could, but wow, it would be epic indeed if you were able to pull it off.

I don’t know how often I would play on a classic DDO server, but I would definitely give it a shot.

How about you? What version of DDO’s past would most spark your interest? Would you play on a classic server?

Would you?

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  1. Aside from the lag issues, honestly I’d stay with DDO as it is now & ongoing.

  2. The WOW server was closed by Blizzard and had breached copyright and IP laws was my understanding. A classic server rolls us back not only in terms of character power but content too – so there wouldn’t be any CITW. To me the “classic” version is what we had on Keeper pre the closure of the European servers. Shroud as end-game, no TRing, level 16 as the cap …. we’re so much better off now ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t see there being any substantive demand for a DDO Classic server that would generated Turbine any money and I don’t want them to dilute their already limited resources by embarking on these sort of projects ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Before hirelings and ed’s

  4. “Dungions & (TBA) Online” ?

  5. I can shed some light on the Everquest Progression servers — On the Everquest servers the world actually changes to some degree as players complete large raids. If they kill the dragon, it stays dead, and possibly some new plot line becomes available. On WoW the “classic” server was only classic because the folks who ran it somehow reverse engineered the code base of Wow at a particular point in time, but couldn’t keep up with all the new content and system changes that Blizzard’s team of developers were making to the Wow universe.

    I would be pretty interested in a “classic” server if it meant they were going to base it off a different edition of the AD&D rules, but it would fundamentally alter the game play experience. That could be very interesting! 1st edition bards anyone?

    I would absolutely LOVE to see them put up DDO servers with different world setttings. They’ve added a small bit of Forgotten Realms to Ebberron, but can you imagine a Greyhawk server? Spelljammer? Dark Sun or Dragonlance? Maztica? Oriental Adventures? If they did that might never get out from in front of my computer screen!

  6. I’ve had an idea in my head for about 10 years now where everyone started on one server that had tons of quests and areas and loot but capped at lvl 5. Once you hit level 5 you either just hung around searching for better loot and making the best level 5 guy possible or you went through a gateway which actually ported your character to the next server (levels 5-10). Your loot was basically beginner loot now where it was the end game stuff. Some of your collectibles might be used or exchanged at this point, but for the most part you were in a different world. 30-40 new quests to explore and five more levels of experience to attain. No going back, but you could rework your enhancements for free at this point, and you had a new world of loot to obtain to kit out in preparation for you next jump.

    Each server could be themed. Island adventure for training from 1-5 with lots of town type quests and caves to visit. Sewers for 5-10 with tons of tunnels to examine and clear out. Old Ruins for 10-15 with undead roaming zygarauts and spiders and minotaurs roaming the halls. A dessert themed – mountains – TOEE could be a whole server with enough side quests added.

    Guilds would extend across servers with guild ships being waypoints. items would be BTserver so no exchanging with someone who wasn’t attached to your server yet. Any ship buffs would scale to that server. A stat bonus buff would be +1 for servers 1&2, +2 for servers 3&4, etc.

    Festivals of different types could be offered on a rotating basis through the servers causing spikes on each one as people visited their characters to enjoy the new event. Favor unlocking for starting on sever 2 or 3 or 4, etc could be used, as could purchasing a unlock from the store to start on a different level, thus generating cash. you could even have some festivals on their own virtual servers that allowed players from varying levels to work together.

    Once you hit cap at level 30 you could make several epic servers that allowed level 30s to step in and out. Make some servers more Melee oriented with mobs with high DC saves and tons of HP. Others could have low DC mobs with high DR and resistance to all but magical weapons. You enjoy one you stay for a while, you enjoy a different style make that your home etc.

    You could make chat interworld with a separate chat server so that friends could stay in contact. Every so often you could have items on the lower loot table of say server 2 fall into chests in sever 1 (needing a 100 roll confirmed by a 95> or something) making those characters with that loot be much envied.

    No more I’m from Argonessen or I’m from Thelanis, but instead you meet friends from all our current servers who would then go on or stay behind similar to our journey through life.

    Give a permadeath option when you create a character with set rules so if you die with no one to raise you, well you appear on level 1 island with a choice to pass down 1 heirloom (that is server level bound).

    So much possibility, but alas I have no drive or ability to program said world. Someone should steal this and then pay me royalties later on ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I’d love a server as DDO was pre MoTU, when 20 was cap. I really miss the great endgame and role oriented game we had back then. S/S/S and the abundance of relevant raids gave you tons of stuff to grind for…and the difficulty of the original epic dungeons actually gave you an incentive to grind. *Sigh*, those were the days. Best DDO ever was in my opinion.

  8. Let’s skip the discussion on Bugs, Lag and other similar issues and jump in feet first to look at the meat of this question.

    When you ride on a say a roller coaster and the first car is hanging over the edge and then second car clears the crest and you have both cars hanging there, and so on and so forth until that moment when the entire roller coaster train starts barreling down the slope. It’s that tipping point, there is no turning back once you crossed over it.

    That’s the problem with DDO, in terms of power creep the game has crossed the tipping point and is now barreling down the tracks virtually unstoppable.

    What people want when they talk about classic servers for most games is stop the power creep from suddenly running away with the game. The question for the players on DDO is where do you want the power creep to stop? When every one had four enhancements, before guild ships, level 16, level 20, level10? Everyone has a different opinion on the matter.

    Unlike EQ and WoW and a number of other games people have talked about, DDO has a huge problem, the white elephant in the room so to speak, the lack of content at every level. Actually the White Elephant is actually sitting in the first roller coaster car if you ask me. Some of the reason for the power creep is too make it faster to run older content because people want to spend less time running the same content. And that is where I run into problems, content keeps players in the game.

    As the main board forumites will tell you there is nothing stopping you from playing DDO in an old school manner, you and your group could simply make the rules and run characters in that way.

    As for me, removing Bravery Bonus and both redos of random loot would probably be enough to call it old school. ‘Cause I am not sure I wanna go back to the older systems, rather I would like to see many systems reworked.

  9. For me, the sweet spot would be after the main enhancement system change, as the new UI so much nicer and clearer, but before the pass on paladin, bard, rogue and creation of warlock, invention of MP and other things that tipped us into OP land.

    Though what I would really like is a zerg / vet server and a flower-sniffing / learning server. The most fun I have in quests is exploring new content with collaborative but equally ignorant folk, but that is hard to get in a pug. Doable in a guild, but I am too erratic timewise for planned playing.

    • Spirit… we should play together some time. I have the exact problem you do. I’m a bit too erratic time-wise to do things with a guild, but I really like exploring the new ( at least to me) content.

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