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Ever since DDO first laucnhed way back in 2006, I’ve had the urge to play a lot of different character builds. At first I was purely a “pure” class kind of player. Then I stuck my tow into the Splash builds with 2 levels of Rogue. Then Multi-class. Throughout the last 7 and 1/2 years I’ve had so many builds and characters I have wanted to play, that I would bounche from 1 to the next, with a few core characters getting a lot of love. Those characters I played a lot were bnot only fun for me to play, but were also the right levels at the right time, to party with my guilies.

Now when the True Reincarnation system was introduced, I thought, yeah, that’s cool, but it is not for me. My play time is very limited. After getting out of the military, I’ve either been in grad school, living with my non-gamer girl girlfriend/fiance or married to her. And now, we have a beautiful 2 month old daughter. So what does that mean for my game of choice? Well, it means even less game time for me.

So by this point (if you’re still reading this), you’re probably wondering, what does this have to do with a cure for Alt-itis. I’ll get to that in a minute.

So remember back when (a couple of paragraphs earlier) I said that the True Reincarnation system was not for me? The main reason I figured it wasn’t for me was, the extra grind that came a long with it. It requires an exorbadint amount of extra XP to advance and level up. While I like playing the game a lot, I wasn’t quite ready or willing to grind and grind and wear out DDO. To me DDO is about having fun. Grind is not fun in my world. I was done re-playing a lot of the content, I mean how many times can one run Water Works before getting sick of it?

But last year when Turbine rewarded us MoTU pre-purchasers with the Stones of XP, things took a change. Back in 2005 (during open Beta) and right at Live’s launch, the very first character I created was Seamus Harper, a Human Rogue. I advanced him to level 7 and then I got bored with him (weird because the cap was only level 10 then). And for the next 6 years or so he sat there collecting dust (though I did pull him out briefly to Greater re-incarnate him into a 32-point build). So I had this Stone of XP sitting in my inventory, burning a hole so to speak, and I was trying to figure out who to use it on, since It would only work on 1 character on each server per account. And then it hit me, why not use it on my very first character. It seems like a fitting tribute to him. My very first character would be my very first TR. So I quickly capped him out using a Rogue/Monk build (thanks Samius). And then TR’d him into a Rogue/Monk/Fighter build, with the Monk Past life feat. He is now level 20.5 or so, with mostly monk levels.

Over the past months, I’ve acquired a large cache of Otto’s Irresitable boxes and the new Bibgy’s boxes with the lvl 15 Stone.

My original intent was to use my collection of XP Stones to level up certain characters, but now I’m not so sure. Which brings me to the title this post: “A Cure for Alt-itis?” a couple of weeks ago I put this all together in my head, and I’ve been mulling it over since. I want to play different character classes & builds, but I hate leaving characters out in the proverbial cold and collecting dust. So what if I use my collection of XP Stones on my “TR toon” and skip the hard level grinding bits when I feel I get bogged down, and work towards completionist. The more I think about it the better I like this idea.It will still take me a long itme to get my completionist even taking this short cut. Is this cheating? Is it really a viable cure for Alt-itis? Is it pay-to-win?

I think I will try to reincarnate Seamus for his 3rd life shortly, but the question I need to answer is whether or not go ahead and re-incarnate him now or LR him to a get his Rogue life first…. But that is probably better left for another blog post.

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  1. Welcome to DDOGamer!

  2. “Is it Pay to Win?”, you ask. Well, some people would, of course, say yes it is. You have asked that question of the Internet, the most opinionated, aromatic arsehole this planet has known since the extinction of the dinosaurs wiped out the great Foxasaurus News Network.

    Anyway, you’re going about it wrong. Do YOU feel that it’s Pay to Win and if you do, do you care enough to let that stop you? After all, you’ve gone to the trouble and expense of gathering these boxes for some reason, right? Those who would pillory you for indulging in Pay to Win antics have already done so with your confession of ownership. Even telling them you’ve voluntarily deleted them all would be met with suspicion and scorn at this stage. After all, you acquired them with intent to use in the first place! That’s how the rabid anti-Pay to Winners think.

    Me? I think it’s a neat idea and wish you luck with it. I also wish you’d share a few boxes. 😀

  3. Thanks Daniel, the while I appreciate your comments and thank you for it, the pay-to-win questions was more meant to be more rhetorical than not.

    But I honestly don’t think it is pay to win. There is in my mind, still far too little content at all level ranges in this game. And I’ve played to death a lot of it already. Quite frankly I wish there was a way to skip the early levels on a TR, more than skipping the mid-levels.

  4. The stones are a placebo, there is no cure for alt-itis. Once you have the addiction, you always have it.

    I did have one question. How do the stones cure your alt-itis? Once you have leveled out of that class, are you not going to want to play it anymore?

    • AZ, I tend to agree with you, the stones are kind of like a placebo. The stones would let me play different character classes (builds) while playing the same character, so that I do not feel like I am abandoning any one (or several) characters.

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