Apr 022015

A Cold Bucket of Love
I opened my lunch the other day and noticed that it contained cheese. An entire container of cheese. This may not seem unusual to you, but it is, we’ve been on a healthy eating kick for awhile and cheese has become a bit of a rarity.

A beloved rarity, one that I miss. Cheeses, and especially, baked goods. But I digress. This is not about the things I miss. This is about something that I have, in spades, and I appreciate more than I can say in a blog post.

This is about love. Not as an abstract idea, but as a concrete expression.

So back in my cube, I apparently said something out loud in my surprise, thus accidentally drawing my co-worker’s attention. And so I found myself explaining that my wife had surprised me by putting snack cheese in my lunch.

“You’re wife makes you lunch?” Asked one, half mockingly/half incredulously.

“Yes, yes she does”, I began proudly, but that wasn’t enough. The mocking part of the question required a more thorough response:

“Every day, we finish our 11:30 meeting, and you return to your empty desks, full of nothing but work. But not I. I return to a hand-crafted, insulated expression of how my wife feels about me. I return to a cold bucket of love.”

And I do. Not really cold but chilled? Yet packed with love.

“My wife makes my lunch too”, said one co-worker, proudly.

A Cold Bucket of Love
It may look like two fruits, some vegetables, healthy wrap sandwiches, cheese and water.
But it is not. It is love, in solid form.

Every day, my wife gets up at 6:00 just to make sure that I have breakfast and lunch. She could easily just stay in bed. I could easily grab something on the way if I was hungry. But no, I do not get just any breakfast and lunch, I get ones that will be good for me.

And that is love. Real love. Not just flowery Valentines or kind words, but real concrete love, packed in a soft-side bucket designed to keep the love cold.

I am such a lucky dude.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Wow that’s very nice. In the smallest of things love is greatest.

  2. D’awwww! You go, Gamer Girl.

  3. AND she plays DDO with you!

  4. Proof that teamwork clearly works on the battlefield of life.

    “GamerGirl’s lunch love has given you a +10 Awesome bonus to all your skills!”

  5. True love is a cheese & pickle sandwich 🙂

  6. Nice one 🙂

    (I’m also super glad that didn’t end up being a heart in a cooler…)

  7. You truly are living the dream!

    Does she have a like-minded, available sister? 😉

    Super jealous and single in Virginia.

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