May 072015

The Irresistible Hireling-Killer Trap It seems fairly resistible, doesn’t it? Maybe a closer look is needed.

Both of you who regularly follow this space* may remember a post from several weeks back about a trap that irresistibly lured hirelings to a spiky doom. Siren-like, this trap was small and out of the way and yet still managed to attract all of the party’s hirelings into standing in its midst until they were each punctured into soulstones.

* Exactly how is it that you manage to stay with us? Do you read DDOGamer with tripe-proof goggles? Do you have an underdeveloped sense of inanity? Are you lacking in all forms of taste and judgement? Oh wait, I get it: masochism. Well then, welcome loyal DDOGamer masochists, and by all means, carry on!

I thought it might be entertaining to show you this irresistible trap up close and personal. Maybe we can figure out its deathly allure if only we look at it from a hireling viewpoint.


The Irresistible Hireling-Luring Trap
“Look deeeeply into my spears … ” says the trap, with honey and spice in its voice “… You want to stand in my spears. You want to!”

Look closely. Feel any strange and uncontrollable urges to run directly into the center of the trap and stand there until punctured to death? Maybe just a nudge? A tiny tingle?

Huh. Me neither.

Must be a hireling thing. Gotta be a hireling to understand.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. You pop up on my twitter “#DDO” column every lunchtime – that’s why I keep coming back 😀

  2. I only keep coming back so that Geoff will keep asking why we keep coming back. ..

  3. Delera’s, is it?

  4. When I hear of (and see) these things, I often wonder if ths is some coder’s twisted sense of humor at work…
    “I made a trap no player would ever get caught in, but attracts EVERY hireling!” (Laughs maniacally)

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