Jul 162011

Last night my girlfriend and I are working our 16th-level TRs through Rainbow in the Dark. I am on my warchanter bard Mawry with a dedicated hireling cleric. Yvonne is on a cleric so she brings in a hireling fighter. We’ve complete about 80% of the quest when Pugster logs in. We invite him.

He brings a hireling cleric. Now this does not seem horribly unusual until you realize that the Pugster already is a cleric.

I love my friend Pugster. He builds and plays the best barbarians ever. Really, best ever!

He and I embarked on the Completionist quest over a year ago. The whole time he has been dreading the cleric life. Partly because he doesn’t like healing. Partly because he is really very bad at it. Very bad.

So this is his apparent solution, a cleric that brings a cleric so he can get healed while passing out heals.


🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Clerics make the worst patients…

  2. Hey, I’ve occasionally had Jall use a cleric hireling. She’s no tank, but she can hold her own in a melee fight. Sometimes it’s easier to just have her bash stuff while the hireling heals her than try to keep a stupid fighter hireling healthy, especially since they sometimes tend to run off and draw more mobs before you’re done fighting the ones you already have.

    She hit a spider for almost 100 points last night in Spawn of Whisperdoom. I was so proud of her. 😀

  3. Hey, that just means more heals for everyone! Just think about all those quests you’ve undoubtedly done without any clerics whatsoever…

  4. I usually have a Cleric Hireling travel with my Cleric. Since I forget to heal sometimes its nice having that hireling that can heal me for me. Plus that, the Melee Class hirelings are a pain taking care of.

  5. I nearly always used a cleric hireling on my cleric before I TR’d him into a paladin. That left me free to bring the pain and not have to watch my health bar as much. Besides, if either one died, the other could res. Can’t beat that.

  6. But to clear up the story it was clearly a FVS and was a melee based one at that.

  7. A melee-based Fvs with a potency mace? But it does sound good in theory Pug!

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