Apr 062014

The Mizzazone 2

So, Ive decided to write a blog. Finally. Sorry its been so long but Ive been busy getting over an evil and vile cold that the baby Niece & Nephew gave to me. Everytime I thought ‘Hey! I should write a blog!’ I decided to say to hell with it and waited. And waited. And now here I am! With a new Mizzablog! The greatest blog you have ever read! A blog so awesome that its written by me! It has BOB in the title! And cheese! Lots of cheese! I LOVE cheese! Cheese it the single most awesome thing in the world! Really! On the people list, BOB ranks in at 587th! So congratulations BOB on placing so highly! We’ll send you a prize when we figure out why theres prizes and what they are. Though it should be noted that Im famous for taking peoples prizes as my own if I like them enough! YUP!

Okay! So onto the funny buisness!

Today I played DDO with Comic. I died. He didnt. Jerk.

OKAY! Lets rewind a lil bit!

So yesterday I decided that I wanted to try playing Neverwinter with Commie. When he asked me what class I was going to play I decided I wasnt going to tell him. He in turn didnt tell me what class he was making so it was gonna be a complete surprise! SURPRIIIIISE!!! I made a Half Elf Cleric and he made a something Ranger. We played up until level 7 then I had to get off.

So far, after a month of playing Neverwinter, I have to say it an exceedingly ‘meh’ game. Its a far cry(and I do mean FAR) from ever being a ‘DDO killer’. Like Geoff said in his initial review of the game(much to the displeasure of some commenters), you really dont need to play much of the game to decide if its worth time investing in or not. Once you get past the tutorial, you should have a handle on how the game works. By around lvl 12, you certainly do. I honestly dont know how far Im willing to go into the game.

For me, its flaws are this: 1: Too simple a game in areas where complexity would be nice(character creation & leveling up) 2: There only seem to be a few armor styles early on, where in DDO there are several looks(Weapons also dont seem to change in appearence) 3: For a game whos graphics are on the low end, it seems to need more than it should(Example: I can play DDO, LotRO, SWtOR, Fallout 3, TES: Oblivion, The Witcher and several other games with superior graphics and far less lag). Its only real plus is that you can customize your characters look a bit more(like giving female characters REAL mohawks. *hinthint* Turbine). I should mention that I headed into Neverwinter expecting it to be a ‘meh’ game. 1: Because Geoff detailed it pretty well in his review. And 2: Because it was made by Cryptic who make STO which is another ‘fun but overall meh’ game.

All that said, I decided 30 min before Comic would be online to play DDO today. So I tossed him a couple emails and headed over to DDO. While I was waiting I decided my Favored Soul was a whore so I killed her. In her place, I decided to make a Half Elf Rogue who Im planning to make an Assassination Rogue. Not sure how well thats gonna go because Ive never done it before. But we shall see! My main(whos still being neglected sadly) it designed to be a mechanic Rogue. So I have no experience playing assassins. Makes it more fun though in the long run. I decided to give her the Barbarian dilwhatsit for the damage reduction because it looked like the only worthwhile one. For her normal feat I gave her two weapon fighting so she can dual weild daggers. Started her CON & STR at 14 and her DEX & INT at 16. Everything else is at 8.

When I finished making her, Comic logged on and I switched over to my Artificer and we got to questing. First we did Mired in Kobolds. At the end, we killed my first ever dragons in DDO. So that was fun. After that, we headed back on over to Gianthold and did 3 quests over there before I had to get off to go to bed. While turning in the quests, I got my second ever Legendary Victory. As a chest reward I also got some poison quiver thing. Sadly its bound to character and absolutly worthless on my Artificer.

Other than all that, Ive been playing on my oh so awesome 360! Mostly Skyrim. Ive been playing alot of Skyrim.

Well, as for how I like it, Its really really fun. There are some things from Morrowind & Oblivion that I miss but not so much as to make me dislike Skyrim in any way. On the plus side, the world is huge! HUGE! Just like Morrowind was. Its a very pretty world too with alot of absolutly stunning views. The ability to adopt children(something Ive done a few times now[kinda bummed I cant adopt all 4 kids]) and get married(something I have yet to do), adds to the game what I wished Oblivion had. Building my own house and getting to choose what things are to be added to it is also really damn fun. So far, my only negatives are how the Orc race got shafted compared to the other races(theyre the only race without a passive ability and they dont start out with a higher Smithing skill than the other races even though theyre described as ‘the best smiths in Tamriel’) & how small the towns feel. The world is HUGE, the towns… not so much. Whiterun should have been a far bigger town but it wasnt. Oblivion suffered from this as well. The Imperial city was just far too small. Currently, Im playing around on a Male Nord who likes running around everywhere naked. But only because his armor is too heavy for him to loot bandit caverns properly.

Then, besides Skyrim, theres also been time spent playing Mass Effect, which is also an awesome game. The story is pretty good. They do a good job of making sure you know the game worlds background and how everything and everyone fits in the world. However, Bioware(the games developer) did one thing that takes away from the games ability to be fully unique. They made yet another KotOR. I get that for an RPG, KotOR worked. It worked really damn well, I mean, it was an awesome game, right?! Of course it was! then after a little while, Bioware made Jade Empire. Jade Empire is literally KotOR but with Ninjas in an Oriental setting. How you interacted with companions? KotOR. The morality choices? KotOR. How your companions generally acted(their attitudes I guess you can say)? KotOR. Jade Empire was in every way a KotOR clone. Its a great fun game, dont get me wrong, but every bit of it was KotOR. Mass Effect… Same thing. Its literally KotOR all over again. Sure, ‘When its not broke, dont fix it’. But it hurts the unique feeling the game could have had. It probably didnt help that the guy who played Carth did the voiceovers of one of your companions. Again. Now, I thought that was pretty cool, but it still hurt the uniqueness of the game. But overall, its a great game with good story and fast paced action and I love it.

Dead Space, it makes a pretty good habit of startling the hell out of me. I love it. WAY better than Doom 3! WAAAAY better!

More recently, I decided to redeem my free 30 days of Gold so that I could get Hitman: Absolution for free. So far, its a pretty fun game though not as solid as past ones(especially Blood Money). Unlike with Tomb Raider(which Square did a great job on), Square Enix didnt do so great of a job taking over the Hitman franchise. At least, not yet. Ill definetly be more cautious in getting future entries of the series. For starters, the only way to upgrade gear is by playing playermade contracts. you dont earn ANY money playing through single player mode. This means that unless you have Gold, youre kinda stuck with what you got. I also miss the newspaper articles that outlined the mission you completed that Eidos did in Blood Money. It helped immerse you into the game world in my opinion. Being able to carry your Hitman Kit into each mission was also alot of fun but was another thing cut from Absolution. But my biggest negative so far is how many ‘stupid American’ stereotypes there are in the game. Especially for people who live in the country & south. I can see how a few here and there would have been funny but the game is just filled with so much of it I literally just want to skip the story and beat the game but sadly I have to know how it all ends.

And thats what Ive been up to! My brother in Law & Sister are gonna mail me Bioshock 1 & 2, Fallout 3 GOTY(the copy I own is the non GOTY version), Halo 3, Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 and Assassins Creed 4. So Im really super excited for all that. Theyll be on loan to me for until they can visit again.Then my sister also bought me the Bioshock book and a shirt she saw.

In non video game news I also finished reading the book ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’. Its a pretty mediocre book but my sister said the movie was really good so Ill give that at least a shot.

OKAY! Over 1600 words! WAY too many words! So let me finish with this statement: His name is BOB!!


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  1. That poisoned quiver is actually pretty nice. It gives a passive damage boost in a slot where an artificer wouldn’t bother putting anything anyway.

  2. My problem with Jade Empire was how short it was. I was excited when Bioware first announced it, so excited that I joined the pre-release forums and downloaded every announcement and news article, passionately debated every little detail. For like, two years. So excited!

    When the game finally game out I was given it as a birthday present (my whole family knew how excited I was) and at last! Now I can play it!

    Except … I beat it in 20 hours. They apparently had to cut out lots of the parts they were planning for it to make some deadlines, including much of the stuff they had been previewing and hyping on their forums. No independent companion missions. No reason to develop your companions. They kept in the different martial arts styles but once you learned double-axe style you never used another one anyway; the promised dynamic style changes were cosmetic only.

    It was so beautiful and had so much promise but the final version was so simple and truncated, I never even bothered to replay it.

    Two years of waiting. 20 hours of gameplay. So disappointing.

    • Yeah it was rather short. I will agree there. But I still loved it. Actually, the only reason I got it was because Bioware made it! I didn’t know a lot of stuff got pulled from the game, but by what you said was pulled, it sounds like yet more from kotor.

      As for weapon styles, I honestly never got into them. I loved the wolverine hand to hand(I forget what it’s actually called).

      I do wholeheartedly agree though that the game world was a beautiful place. It’s one of the reasons I find myself playing it every now and again.

      I am excited however for Jade Empire 2. I’m hoping they go deeper into the world and take less from kotor this time around and make a more truly unique playing experience. I mean, making kotor with different skins over and over is like a band/musician that makes the same song over and over but with different lyrics/beat because the original was so popular. It gets boring after a time.

  3. I’ve been wanting to try out Neverwinter but I keep on hearing more and more ‘not so fun’ stuff with it. I think I’ll just stick with DDO and Neverwinter Nights. Primarily DDO :).

  4. There are “cosmetic overlays” for weapons in NWO that you can get – mostly through the “Call to Arms” or other special events.

    As far as lag (in NWO), it may NOT be your video, but your CPU. I had terrible lag in NWO with my (8-year) old P4 Extreme CPU; my graphics card is an older nVidia Ti550 with 2 GB VRAM and even though both my CPU and graphics card was way better then the ‘minimum’ or even ‘recommended’ specs, lag was terrible in highly populated areas, unless I turned the graphics down. However, once I got my new CPU & MB (the latest and greatest i7 CPU – woot!), the lag went away, even at maximum graphics settings.

    I also agree that overall DDO is a better game. But NWO is a nice little distraction, when one is a little burned out with DDO; mainly because it is different.

  5. I like cheese.

  6. BTW – with the ‘new’ EN system, you no longer need to choose between assassin or mechanic – you can be both! You just can’t ‘cap’ both.

    • But that’s it, it’s technically like the old system in that manner. That said, I want to cap one so assassin it is!

      • You can cap assassin, but still have points left over to spend in mechanic. Only takes 40 AP well, 41) to cap; you have 80 AP total (when you reach L20, of course). So go ahead and spend some AP in the mechanic (or even acrobat, if you’re so inclined) line to help with trapping, and x-bows (if you want) while capping assassin. The only other limitation (besides a limited pool of AP) is that you can only take teir 5 ENs in one tree.

        Of course remember that you can reset your ENs (with plat or astral shards), too.

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