Nov 142014

A 5th Level Backpack
There is another panel in there that is just like this one

I don’t think I am doing the Daily Dice thing right. I mean, I am clicking the correct button onscreen, and I am doing it most every day, so there’s that. Sometimes it works out quite well! But it is making me into a hoarder, even worse than I already am.

Oriental Adventures (pictured above) is my designated XP mule. Even though he is not a mule at all, in fact I was originally sending them to him so that he would consume them. Pretty quickly though he gained enough levels that the XP crystals weren’t having much effect and instead started stashing them.

Many of them.

I’ve had to put in some limits or poor Oriental would be so overstuffed with XP crystals that he couldn’t move. I started with a decision that I’d no longer keep 100 point crytals: I’d just consume those immediately, whoever rolled the die eats it, quick and clean, and I don’t worry about whether 100 points is worthwhile on someone 26th level.

But that wasn’t restrictive enough. Still too many crystals. So I started insta-eating 200 point crystals too. And then 300.

Even so, he has two panels of his backpack completely stuffed and they are leaking out onto a third panel. Even though nothing in there is worth less than 400 XP.

In an idle moment, I totaled up the XP he is packing at the moment: 76650, or according to this lovely chart, enough to go all the way from zero to 5th level without running a quest. In his backpack. It is a 5th-level backpack.

Better than Korthos,
Better than Stormreach Harbor:
5th-level backpack

So my next TR will be able to zoom directly into Voice of the Master territory even though I’ve yet to create a Master’s Gift.

Sweet! Maybe I’m doing it right after all.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Ha, much the same happens for me too!

  2. make sure to max out xp boosts before consuming them! Pretty sure it will affect them. Chug pots etc

  3. I don’t think it’s real; experience in a pack? Silliest post ever! I’ve looted thousands of adventurer’s packs over the years and all I’ve gotten for it is at most a collectable. For all your complaints aimed at Blades of the Dark Six I have to point out that I rarely find them in your packs. If this xp-thing held a shard of truth then after all my diligence wouldn’t I have something to show for my efforts …xp crystal wise I mean?

    On a side note; I suggest that until you post a Proof that the crystals have been consumed you might keep Oriental questing “in-guild”. Who knows who might decide to start a new character on some random new server and start spamming halflings with random invites. 😉 “hey little man! Me and the boys think it’s time you lost yourself another pack; a 5th level pack in case y’r want’n clarification!”

  4. Nice!! I generally only do my daily dice rolls with Erdrique and have him consume the experience stones right away to help him move through his reincarnations, whether they are puny or not, but I definitely see the incentive to do this!!

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