Apr 202015

21 Quest Sunday

This weekend was a +30% guild renown weekend. Which is also known as Saga Turn-In Weekend at my house, due to my Gamer Girl’s clever guild leveling plan. She commonly takes us up two or three levels all by herself on weekends like this.

Except this one caught us flat-footed. Normally these things are spread pretty far apart, but not this time. There was a 20% guild renown weekend not that long ago, after a long dry spell. We cashed in our sagas that week, thinking that was going to be the best we’d get for awhile.

Then suddenly, not 20%, but 30%. A chance for big numbers. And here we were with generally incomplete sagas and only one weekend to fill them out. Worse*, my Awesome Daughter was in town Friday and Saturday so our window was limited to just Sunday. One single day.

* Having my Awesome Daughter in town is never worse. Never. Because she is truly awesome. But it does have a way of cramping the DDO time.

Well, if that’s all we have, we’ll just have to make it count, right? Grab the coffee, pet the cats, get to the questing.

  • Tracking the trap
  • Lines of Supply
  • Breaking the Ice
  • Detour
  • The Lost Swamp
  • A Stay at the Inn (x2)

Hey, shouldn’t we eat … something? Breakfast? Lunch?

Two fast, yet delicious, fried egg sandwiches later:

  • Outbreak
  • Overgrowth
  • Thorn and Paw
  • The Druids Curse

We split up for a few moments into two soloists. My Gamer Girl needed the End of the Road, but I didn’t. On the other hand, I needed Trial by Fury, and I also needed the Deal and the Demon on two different characters.

  • The End of the Road
  • Trial by Fury
  • The Deal and the Demon (x2)

Maybe pizza is an appropriate dinner for this kind of Sunday? We are normally healthy eaters and sort of save pizza for very special occasions. Like this. No time to cook, sagas await!

  • In the Belly of the Beast
  • The Lost Thread
  • The Battle for Eveningstar

And there we have it. Multiple sagas completed and turned in.


Three guild levels earned.

But it is only 9:00 and we are in a zone. A guildie has joined us, and now we are three. My Gamer Girl has a Pale Lavendar Ioun Stone she’s been wanting to upgrade. My guildie has something to upgrade too. Maybe we can cram in a complete Isle of Forgotten Dreams run?

  • Eye of the Titan
  • Reclaming Memories
  • Mining For Ancient Secrets
  • The Dreaming Dark

And at last we come to a screeching halt. The end fight at the Dreaming Dark on Elite, at level, is no cruiser, especially not for a rogue, a bard and a ranger. Maybe if we’d had a caster? After 15 minutes or so of making no real progress, we figure out a plan of attack that works, and we beat the boss down to about 25%. But not fast enough; the Living Nightmares are definitely earning their names. It turns out they are oozes? Even though they look like terrifying spinning skull-storms? They eat up my Gamer Girl’s weapons. Then there are multiples of them and they eat up my Gamer Girl. And then they eat up everyone.

Party wipe.

Stopped at last.

Someone found a way to stop us. This guy.
Someone found a way to stop us. This guy.
Click to enlarge

This is probably a good thing, for all I know we’d still be playing. Maybe we needed something to reach over and slap us in the face. “Snap out of it” the game said to us, “you’ve played enough for one day!”

And so we had. 21 quests, 20 successful, one fail. Several sagas completed. Three guild levels earned. One item successfully farmed (my Gamer Girl wanted heroic elite Bracers of Twisting Shade and we got them for her in only two runs).

A big, big DDO Sunday.

So much fun!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Way to cash in!

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