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92 Pets And Counting
I don’t normally write about things that other DDO authors have written, or at least not intentionally. I mean, they already did, and I don’t mean to step on any toes. But I have to make an exception here, this is something special.

Even Note, she of the blog Even Now, she who initiated and maintains the OurDDO blogroll, she of the burgeoning YouTube channel, that Even Note, has managed to acquire 92 pets.

92 creature companions.


And all of the tricks for each one.


She states that this represents all of the creature companions in the game, except three that are earned via massive kill counts in the Monster Manual. She is still working on those. So not 92 … 92 and counting.

I cannot completely decide if I am awestruck or dumbstruck. 92? That requires having bought the top-level preorders of both expansions, and a continuous outlay of (I can’t imagine) how many coins, astral shards and Turbine Points.

And a most-impressive amount of dedication.


Even Note's Pet Stream

Even Note’s Pet Stream


Even has a video where she shows us each of the pets, and all of the tricks for each type of pet. It takes over an hour! but then … 92 pets. Of course it tales awhile to see them all. It is totally worth watching, even if all you do is gaze in stupefied amazement at the hot bar panel showing all 92 pets.

Here is the hot bar detail, slightly expanded:


92 Pets In Detail


Sorry about the fuzziness, but I imagine you get the point: the sheer scale of Even Note’s collection.

Did I mention the number of pets? 92?

Holy sha-moley.


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  1. [deleted by geoff]

  2. I think I have over 70 cosmetic pets at this point, mostly due to favorable sales on that kind of Store item.

  3. Menagerific!

  4. I’d just like to apologize (Again… I think… I think there’s one under one of the deleted comments *g* ) for hijacking your blog, Geoff. Won’t happen again.

    (Although you’re wrong about having the Vault for this, I don’t have an account over there *g* )

  5. Okay, there you go. Just deleted. No Vault references.

    Now … no more personal attacks, right?

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