May 252015

Question of the day; How can I profit from something that I, by nature, do for free? At home I am a pack rat. On hikes and walks through nature I am a person who picks up after others.
This “job” netted me 560 pieces of “litter”. I suspect that most of it came from a single-bag bursting; perhaps, a car wheel? A pedestrian’s field goal? A penalty shot? My coffee break gathered it up and took it around to the front of the store where I found it a proper home.

Streets, alleys, parking lots don’t usually get my attention, beyond the Fast Food bags that continue to slip out of careless vehicle doors. My behaviour is reserved for wilderness hikes, both on and off-trail and the pathways that run through the official parks of our cities. On the trails of Kananaskis, Banff and Jasper; my usual haunts, I pick up pretty much what I come across, with the exception of your dog’s shit! 🙂 I give you the benefit of the doubt that you have every intention of retrieving it on the hike out. Along the paths of our city parks I try to follow the rule; One piece of litter/kilometre traveled.

Saturday May 23, 2015: Image shows the route recorded on the girlfriend’s brand new Fitbit. We took our time, stopping along the way for pictures, lunch and bird, sky and sun appreciation. We strayed off the “official” round-the-reservoir to take in more of the shoreline. When all was said and done; the day was a doddle. 😉
Glenmore Stroll-About

Carbon Emissions Trading is a form of emissions trading that targets the Carbon dioxide emitted by a country. Emit too much and you may get hit with fines. Emit too little and you can sell your “window” of margin to the country that is emitting too much, thus offseting their overall cost of “existing”.

Imagine: DDOGamer, The World Leader in Conservation through Gaming! 😉
DDO vs. Me: The Ridiculous: If this model(Carbon Emissions Trading)works on the world stage, why shouldn’t I steal the idea and use it to turn a profit on what I am already doing for free? In my head, it works like this; I take the work done with the cart(560 items) and add to that the 23 items from my walk around the Glenmore reservoir; I have earned a PPET(Personal Product Emissions Trading) of 583 items. We implement a system where non-gamers become DDO players of convenience to buy a “permission” to litter. the “permission” is purchased with collectables found only in our game. The next time “you just can’t, find a way to properly dispose” of that coffee cup, hamburger wrapping, six-pack plastic, or cigarette be rest assured; all that stands between your behaviour and a better world is a few Blades of the Dark Six. Of course, the “House” takes a cut on all transactions. 30% of all trash collected by players like me and you is removed from the “Litter Pool”. This is to ensure that through this system, the world is at least appearing to be getting cleaner.

Current value per item of litter will be set at 1000 Blades. You give me the Blades and I give you a voucher for one piece of litter. You don’t have to litter. I suggest you place it in your wallet or purse for a rainy day. Eventually we can expand the system to include more valuable collectables. Don’t delay. Invest in your future and the world will follow. Heck, if this flies, non-gamers from around the globe who need or simply can’t stop littering will have to sign into DDO just to earn the necessary collectables. . Sounds like a win-win environment to me. 😉

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Luedwig Bait H’oven
Thelanis 2006

Ps. We may have to convince the analyst to revisit his desire for a uniform exchange rate across all collectables and then cross-reference the list to various pieces of garbage commonly found in our environment.

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  1. I will happily trade in no-deposit cans and bottles for a like number of Yellow Parisol Mushrooms

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