5000 Favor!

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Jan 262015

At last!
5000 favor achieved at last!

Last March I set out to conquer every quest in DDO, on Elite, at level. Completionist of a different sort. I say “I” but I really mean “we”, my Gamer Girl and I, in fact it was her idea.

Every quest. On Elite. At level. Meaning, we’d earn 5000 favor. And a nifty +5 tome of our choice.

It is like the ultimate Saga except entirely self-inflicted.

We did catch one lucky break: new quests were added after we started. We would no longer have to run every single quest: we could skip two. And we did not have to get five stars on every single challenge (but still most of them).

The quest has been like a giant sine wave of ups and downs. It was surprisingly easy to power through the Heroic quests. It was surprisingly difficult to adjust to Epics at level. Then it was surprisingly easy to accumulate 4750 favor. Then it was incredibly difficult to hammer out the last 250. Especially the last 100.

So difficult that we split paths; my Gamer Girl decided to abandon her Elite streak and settle for Epic Hard on the last few remaining unconquered quests. To be fair, she had two characters on the 5000 Favor path to my one; Majicka the caster (who had been accompanying Mawry), and Kitalea the Freezer Burn druid who was getting ready to TR and wanted to finish favor first.

With her adjustment, she was able to get nearly there last week. We eked out the last few points in challenges last weekend. She made it! And cashed in for two +5 tomes.

But I was stuck. I needed Brothers of the Forge, Temple of the Deathwyrm, or Precious Cargo. That was it. Any one of them would do. Last Sunday there was a Temple of the Deathwyrm run on Elite! I joined, hopeful, and it was a plucky and determined group!

But ultimately an unsuccessful one. Four and a half hours, no completion. Still short.

I could have gotten the last bit from the Challenge system, there were about 30 unearned stars remaining, but they were unearned for a reason: extreme suckiness. If I ran Rushmores for a hundred years I would never get five stars on all four challenges. I would go insane in the membrane, I would require immediate medical attention, but still not have five stars in any of them.

No. I would need one of the last three quests.

And so this Saturday my Gamer Girl and I got serious. we geared up and selected Destinies and fates specifically for Brothers of the Forge. Hatches battened, loins girded, warfaces on, our determination would just have to make up for our lack of skill.

It didn’t matter how much mana we used. It didn’t matter how damaged our weapons became. We would throw the whole damned DDO Store at this quest if we had to. I’ve accumulated a stack of 20 raise cakes, and I brought them all.

Whatever it takes.

The very first fight set the tone. We’d be super cautious and super conservative. We’d pull as few bad guys at one time as we could, pull them as far as they’d go before snapping back, and use terrain at every opportunity. It worked. It was slow, very slow, but it worked.

In the end, it didn’t take that much other than extreme caution and care. We did have to buy a Divining Rod to find a secret door, but that was all we had to buy. We did use up a few mnemonic potions but only a few, nothing extreme. I never even ate a raise cake.

In a little over two hours, victory. And not just one victory either, but two. One quest victory. And one 5000 Favor victory!

At last!

I chose a CON tome. Mawry keeps switching builds; investing in INT for this build might not be helpful should she switch back to a DEX build. Or STR. Or CHA. But CON is helpful in every build.

+5 loveliness now adorns all of Mawry’s hit points and fortitude saving throws.

More importantly, we won! Again! I can stop obsessing.

Until the next quixotic goals are set and I have something new to obsess over. But either way, this goal is achieved. 5000 favor.

Happiness everywhere.

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  1. Congrats!!

    I dont have enough packs to even hit 5k favor, not sure id have patience anyways :p

    On those quests, Last time I ran EE cargo, was hardly any problems, sure I have seen it get nasty but I think if people know what their doing its fine

  2. Gratz guys!! Quite an accomplishment.

  3. Made it then. Congratulations Geoff, and your Gamer Girl as well ๐Ÿ™‚

    Must say that I am curious, will you now park Mawry until Turbine ramps up that endgame (hm, I guess Warlock would be required to get the completionist back too) and run other characters, or do you plan on becoming a raiding machine ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    • I still have a handful of Heroic Ottos Boxes burning a hole in my pocket from my most recent birthday.

      In fact I’ve already Epic TR’d and Heroic TR’d. Mawry is now a Paladin, working on her 2nd of three planned Paladin past lives.

  4. Congratulations!!!! Now for Epic Completionist and you’re done. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. CONGRALUTALTIONS! Cheers to both of you [_]P [_]P

  6. My game-fu is insufficient.

    Congratulations to both of you! I must train harder… ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Congratulations!!

  8. Congratulations

  9. A double w00t WooT to gamer girl And one for you too

    And a roll up to do again? I was wondering, How many hours to complete?

  10. Congratulations!! That’s an awesome accomplishment!

  11. I congratulate you as well!! Great accomplishment!!

  12. Ha, I got to 4750 favor, chucked it all in and TR’d – now I’m wishing I persevered.

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