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So! Where oh where did the shiney gold cow go? Dont ask me cause I dont know.

So, I didnt do a whole lot since the last blog, but as usual, I try to use lots of small words to make it seem like a very long rambly drambly grambly goop bloggy blog.

Started out on Friday playing SWtoR. Decided to start a Jedi Knight so I can get some practice in with the class for whenever me and my sister can get together on the game. We’re both gonna be Knights. Her advanced class will be Sentinel and mine Will be Guardian. The difference being, Guardians are Tanks and Sentinels are Damage. So, pretty much, Ill be safeguarding her scrawny arse and shell be killin the enemies as quickly as possible. Wed make an awesome team. As usual!

After that came Saturday. Did a bit more Knight quests to start the day then I headed over to DDO to help Comic with his Cove Event. My first one. Though, technically, its my second. My first cove was when I first joined DDO. I ran around the island not really knowing what I was doing then left to play the regular game after dying a few times. After Comic came on, we ran around the island until I had two compasses then went and did two or three runs of Kobold Assault with the grog thing active. After collecting a booty ton of map pieces we headed back to the cove to do the thingy.

Our first try didnt go too well. Not well at all. See, I didnt understand his directions very good and got lost exploring the caves and killing crap. Well, the killing crap went pretty well until I encountered Jack, who appeared none too happy to see me. So I tried to kill him, failed, he killed me, then he went off to kill Commie and the Kobolds. We exited and re entered on a slightly lower level and sorta succeeded. We still died. But we managed to pull off a win this time. When finished, I turned in my gems and got the Admiral hat hat.

The next day was the infamous cant log into the game day. Somehow, I was oblivious to this as I had gotten into the game without a single issue. So, while running around the island collecting compasses, dubloons and map pieces. Then I got an email from comic telling me about these issues and that him AND the lil miss pretty princess face Evennote were trying, unsuccessfully, to get into the game. After about an hour and a half I emailed him back asking him if he just wanted to try cove next weekend, he agreed and I headed offline to bed.

The next day I was able to put some actual work into my Knight. I finished up the prologue and a good number of early Coruscant quests as well. Went far enough to get my second companion but not too much further than that. Made out, and then some, with a smokin hot Twi’Lek chick. Theyre always a good time.

This next weekend Im planning on doing Cove again with Comic on Saturday and Even & Comic on Sunday. Though, my Saturday plan could change due to it being my Birthday. If my sisters husband doesnt work on Saturday, shes gonna get him to watch the babies for a while so we can play SWtoR together. If that happens, thatd mean no DDO on Saturday.

Anyways, thats about it. Hope everyone is well, stays well and has fun!


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  1. Woot! Happy Birthday! Actually, I’m kinda hoping you and your sister can play Saturday – “bad” for me (meh – I’ll get over it), but GOOD for you (yay!).

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