Dec 092011
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Nytherios! Hey man, how are ya?
Still fighting that nasty cold? Alright,
say "Hi" to the wife and kids for me.
See ya in a couple days …

I am about to hit 20 Tower of Despair raid completions on my barbarian Knicker. I am not looking forward to it; quite the contrary, I am dreading it.

As a long-time player, I have several characters who’ve gotten 20 raid completions. Most of them have more than one raid they’ve completed 20 times. Some of those raids have been completed 20 times more than once.

I am not alone in this of course, or even close to being a leader in raid completion.Β This guy had a thousand completions as of two years ago. One dude accomplished over 1000 raid completions on a single character over a year ago.

I can’t speak for these extreme examples but I can tell you why I am willing to repeatedly run the same raids over and over: I am seeking one or more specific raid loot items. In the case of Knicker, she is after the Encrusted Ring to complete her Frenzied Berzerker set.

I don’t mind that I am fated to run a raid 20 times to get that one rare item that everyone wants. It is a grind-based solution, and I don’t like grind, but still, rare raid items should not drop from the sky. Twenty completions seems like a sufficiently difficult process to justify such a powerful reward.

I don’t mind that I may have to run it 40 times if there are two items I want from the raid (as is the case with my monk/wizard Oriental who wants two ToD rings to complete the Shintao set AND the Frenzied Berzerker set).

I very much mind that I may run that quest 20 times (or 40, or 60) and still not get the item I am seeking.

20 is enough. I am never going to run the raid more than 20 times for fun. The 21st time is always, always, about grind. As is the 22nd, 23rd, and so forth. Always.*

* There are two exceptions to the 21+ grind rule: the Shroud which is also an exception to raid loot rules in general since one can expect to acquire useful items in that raid on every attempt, and the Reaver which is basically a ten minute loot run. And even the Reaver has largely fallen off my radar now that True Reincarnation has made tomes useless.

This used to be a huge problem with the Titan raid especially, because it takes so long to execute and sometimes fails due to bugs or bad luck that have nothing to do with player actions. The majority of players could only receive the titan ring or gloves or belt through 20 completions, they practically never dropped, and if they did, were never put up for roll. Missing your item on the 20th completion was seriously depressing. Missing it again on 40 was enough to make one log off of the game for a few days.

20 is enough. The 20th end reward list should always contain all of the items that drop in that raid. Always.

Meanwhile, back to my current crop of characters. Oriental just finished ToD run 40 and did not get her ring. If Knicker does not get hers either, I will still be looking at a minimum of 40 more ToD runs just on these two characters. My replacement CC wizard Ejecta has just come into ToD range too… gah! 60 runs. Two months, even if I run ToD every single day. And no guarantees that this will be the end of it.

I don’t know if I am up to 60+ more ToDs.

Define “infinite”:
Raid item completion grind
There’s no end in sight

Well <crossing fingers> best get on it. Raids ain’t gonna loot themselves.

Wish me luck!

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Here’s wishing you good luck, even (as it was implied, but not explicitly stated).

  2. Well said. I hope the Devs take note. 20 is enough. Period. Almost all of my characters are in The Sublime Permadeath Guild…not a lot of raiding going on…although the guild did complete a couple of shrouds before the recent changes. Still, IF we were raiding regularly, I would feel like 20 should be a guaranteed pull from the rare drop list. and since I’ll probably never get a character to 20 raid completions, I’d say I’m about as close to an impartial observer as you could imagine.

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