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The Mizza Zone

So lots and lots and lots happened last year! Mostly just stuff that happened. But there was also that other stuff which wasn’t really stuff at all but actually “stuff”, which I can assure you isn’t stuff. No sir it is not. Nope. Okay.

So, last year was a big huge giant humungus year in mizzagaming. Why? BECAUSE I SAID SO!!! STOP ASKING ME SO MANY QUESTIONS! *Caaaaaaaaallllllllmmmmmmmmmm* Okay! But for reals it was. I did a month sub to both LOTRO & WoW in December as destressers and only managed to play WoW twice before things got too much for gaming to calm me. Played a Undead Warlock for a while up to level 5. It was a lot of fun. Didn’t get much LOTRO in, but I really only subbed to it to get certain character unlocks so not a big dealio.

Aside from that, as you all know, last March I got UBER EXCITED about my Sister and Brother in Law buying me an Xbox 360. Ive pretty much put every dime of fun money(and maybe a few pennies of not fun money) into buying as many games as I could for it. Because games are important. Oh so important. (I could use some Poptarts right about now…) IMG_0163As you can see, theres ares many many games! MANY! Theres also several which aren’t present due to the fact that theyre digital copies. Those would be: Hitman: Absolution(Free Download), Beyond Good & Evil: HD, Bully: Scholarship Edition, Dead Island, Gears of War 3, Halo: Spartan Assault, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Mirrors Edge, MX vs ATV: Alive(Free Download), Need For Speed: Carbon, Soul Calibur V, South Park: The Stick of Truth, SSX(Free Download), Grand Theft Auto V(Xbox One), Halo: Master Chief Collection(Xbox One), Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag(Xbox One), Assassins Creed: Unity(Xbox One).

Right now, Im excited about The Witcher 3 and Homefront 2 the most. Both look like awesome sequels to amazing games. I should mention that I was only able to get so many games because they were either on sale or bought used. Im a smarty Natalie! Oh yes I am.

I haven’t done too much gaming since September. At the end of December, I came back down to the Pacific Northwest to take care of my mother(a task I was initially unhappy with as I thought she was making exaggerations). Over the course of the next couple months, I became nothing short of a full on nurse for her as she lost her ability to get out of bed, eat, drink or even use the restroom without assistance. It was difficult, to say the least, but when I came to realize her condition was serious and getting worse I took on the extra responsibilities without any hesitation. The fact we never got along a lot of the time didn’t interfere with the fact that she was still my mother and genually need help. Then in the beginning of December I left her in the care of her boyfriend for a short time so I could make a quick food run to the store. When I came home she was in an unresponsive state and I called 911. As for him, he waited for me to return to the house without making the slightest attempt at calling for paramedics, so she was as I found her for roughly 5 min. The doctors later determined shed suffered a cardiac arrest and her brain had been deprived of oxygen for too long. So our choices were to either let her “live” as a vegetible or to let her pass peacefully. In my family, we all have an agreement between all of us to never let any one of us be in that state. So, we chose to let her pass after a few days so her friends and co workers could say their farewells. In the end, the doctors don’t know what it is that brought all this on. Admittedly, that’s made it difficult to accept that all this could happen so suddenly. For the first week and a half I kept wishing I was just in a very long dream and that Id wake up back in Alaska with life back as I thought it should be. (Thank you to Geoff and BOB for donating money to help us with certain costs. We were able to buy a lovely white urn with a floral design on it.)

Since then, Ive moved back down fully to the Pacific Northwest. Im currently looking into either joining the local police force or the Army. If I go the Army route, you guysll just have to live without the oh so awesome #1 blogger on Gamer Geoff(we really should rename it Mizz, but whatever) for a while. No internet access and minimal phone access is allowed during Basic and AIT. Which is fine by me. Im one of the few people I know who has no problems disconnecting from those kinds of things. That said, my computer is rehooked back up to WIFI. Its spotty at best so I don’t know just how well it will be when I play LOTRO or DDO on it. Hopefully it wont be too bad though so I can get back to playing again with everyone. I do so miss you guys. And occasional gal. Cause theres more guys than gals. But whos counting?(Me. Im counting.)

Well, that’s it! YEAH! Okay.


Mizzaroos Song Of The Day




IMG_0146All hail Empress Mizzaroo! The Empire hath risen again!

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  1. That is an amazing-looking puppy! How fun!

  2. 1. That’s a lot of games
    2. Can’t beat a woman in uniform
    3. Love Lindsey Stirling!
    4. Cute puppy!!!!

  3. +1 Puppy!

    Time to live vicariously through Mizz, and pretend I’m young again and can wear a uniform.

  4. As your mother has found peace (And your life more your own) The year(s) ahead become Much Brighter, and With you currently looking into either joining the local police force or the Army I Vote Army (as military police) then go into law enforcement with a different point of view..
    All the while hacking/slashing in DDO..

    Smile, it could be Monday

  5. You have (2) copies of “Destiny”? Is the X-BoxOne one different from the X-Box360 one?

    And no “Thief”?

  6. I wish you best Mizz!! Beautiful puppy indeed!!

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