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Never 19
Chelena Armstrong: Fierce, Fightery, and Forever 18

Do you have any characters that are level 19?

Me neither.

There’s just no reason for it. Taking level 19 does not add access to any new quests, but it does reduce XP gained for all of the level 17 quests when run on Normal. While this may not seem significant, some of the level 16 quests are pretty hefty XP gainers, worthy of one or more fast repetitions, which will have to be on Elite once you take level 19. Unless of course you like being penalized 10%.

On the other hand, if you bank your level and avoid leveling up, you can go straight from 18 to 20. Level 20 does allow access to new quests, all kinds of new quests, the whole world of Epic and Epicness. Experience points everywhere.

Level 20 is huge. Level 19 is very, very jealous.

The experience points needed to go from level 18 to level 20 are quite significant, whether or not you take level 19. It takes 370,000 points, which is roughly 20% of all experience you will gain. If your character is a True Reincarnate it gets even worse: on your second life you need 712,500 (22%) and any additional lives need 1,055,000 (24%).

All of these numbers are high. Unless you are a skilled veteran TR/XP zoomer, you are going to be in levels 18-19 for a long time. Please note that I am not the skilled XP zoomer guy. I am the spends-forever-trying-to-get-that-last-level guy.

Chelena Armstrong, a second life strategist-fighter is in this level range right now. I’ve been trying to help my Gamer Girl get one of her clerics back up to Epic. It is a slow process.


Maybe my expectations are just skewed, but it seems like we were able to zoom up to level 17 like nothing (before you ask, without using a Stone of Experience). And once you get to 20, capping to 25 is almost effortless.

18 and 19 are clearly the black holes of leveling.

We could use a few more quests in this level range. Not 5K quests either, like those in the Inspired Quarter, but meaty 30k quests. Like VON3 or the Coalescence Chamber.

On the plus side, I like a lot of the quests in this range. The Weapons Shipment in particular stands out, since it was redone to come at you in waves it is reqlly quite fun.

Which is good, because I’ll certainly be running it a lot.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. With epic level guys around i find it better to go ahead and take level 19. It makes filling a lot of harder/slightly higher lvl content easier.

    Yugoloth quests for example are level 19 so 21 on elite. Filling a elite bastion is a lot faster when your low level epic friends can come along.

    Also for lots of 18/2 builds level 19 is that last tear of spells!

  2. i took 19 on my recent FvS… for one reason, and one reason only… she had a 2 monk splash, which means i didn’t get my wings until… when? you guessed it… 19. -.-

    thank goodness she was first life. it went reasonably quick and painless.

  3. Actually the following quests are level 19 quests — at least according to ddowiki.com

    A New Invasion
    Bastion of Power
    Blown to Bits
    Eye of the Titan
    Genesis Point
    Mining for Ancient Secrets
    Murder by Night
    Power Play
    Raiding the Giants’ Vault
    Reclaiming Memories
    Schemes of the Enemy
    Sins of Attrition
    The Master Artificer
    The Riddle
    The Weapons Shipment
    Wrath of the Flame

    • A quick calculation of XP possible going through each on Normal comes to 37740. If you include the Devil Battlefield wilderness area, you can get an additional 171,926 XP, still not enough to get you to the next level. Of course if you are a crazy person like me and are attempting to play through everything getting elite bravery bonuses, things are a bit different.

      All of this however is speculative rambling. My highest level character is still my level 8 bard Hawklilly Suresong. She’s slowly but surely working up the ranks. It would probably be much faster if I were not distracted by my alts and cool FPS games like Planetside 2. Ah well…

  4. I love it when people bring effort and (especially) data to these conversations. You all are awesome!

  5. I’m usually pretty conservative with banking xp and squeezing value out of the lower level quests and last TR I took this to an extreme: when I hit 18 with 19 in the bank (551000 xp to go) I still hadn’t ventured into the Vale. Being able to add those big hitters like Coal Chamber was an enormous boost, and with elite bravery bonus a round of elite, hard and wilderness had me most of the way there – not to mention being much more enjoyable than some of the alternatives. I didn’t need to hit the Shavarath quests until I was epic and had access to all the cool toys.

    It was all for the reasons you lay out here Geoff – the prospect of dragging myself through those low-yield quests again and again was not fun. I’ll definitely be following the same strategy in the future unless there’s a bump in the content at that range.

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