Apr 012011

So I cross-posted the my previous entry “Doing the math: Guild Size vs. Renown” on the forums too. The result has been an interesting debate. Several objectionable statements of course, someone always has to try and rain on your parade, and the expected number of trolls

I want to iterate that I am not posting these stats to make a point. I was looking for something in the numbers, didn’t find it, but instead I did find some interesting trends and chose to share them.

I appreciate those who are posting fixes to the “problem”. Very creative thinking too, kudos!

However, I have come to the conclusion that the only “problem” is in my expectations. I assumed that we would have a continuous upward path through guild abilities, but that was never Turbine’s intent. Never.

My research included a re-read of this article from June 2010 where the devs lay out their design intent. Turbine has designed the entire guild system for two classes of people:

  • Class 1: “guilds on each server that focus on guild activities exclusively to take full advantage of the benefits”
  • Class 2: “casual guild, large or small, to earn the rewards on the side without being coerced into a game mechanic they are not comfortable with”

That’s it. Either you structure your guild around getting guild renown, or you won’t get it.

With those design goals in mind, I’d have to argue that the system is pretty much working as intended.

My guild is in between: we want the better guild benefits and are willing to work harder to get them but are not willing to structure our guild solely around them. Therefore we count as casual, and are fortunate to get some of the benefits “on the side”, as it were.

That last paragraph sounds more acerbic than I intend. We aren’t casual, but we aren’t dedicated to renown either and that is simply the way it is. We have to manage our expectations better.

What do you think?

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