Mar 182011

Now to wait for the right half-off sales!

Soon my evil plans will come to fruition and I will be able to play EVERYTHING! For FREE!


Enough Turbine Points
Spent carefully, with timing:
Its all Free To Play

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  1. Um…but…you spent money to get those points right? So that makes it not free right? 🙂

  2. Done in by that whole pesky logic thing again.

    Maybe I should redefine “Free” to mean “Free from the tyranny of a monthly fee”

  3. Great Geoff! Premium is the ONLY way to go IMO.

  4. just remember if you buy stuff with TP it is bound to server

  5. …bound to server?
    No. That’s if you earn stuff with favor.
    Anything you buy with TP is COMPLETELY unlocked, on all servers, for that account. If you don’t trust me, ask anyone who has an extra character slot, or has bought an adventure pack; you get it for all servers, for life.

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