Sep 092011
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It _is_ pretty nice. The best
actually. But still …

That is the current high bid for one (1) Scroll of Marilith Chain in a public auction taking place in the Sarlona Marketplace.

No, don’t rush, just let that sink in for a moment… 15 Flawless Red Dragon scales AND ALSO 20 of each large Shroud ingredient.

I am trying to imagine how many Epic VON6 and Shroud runs are required to accumulate all that. In return for one scroll that someone may have luckily obtained on their first foray into an epic Desert quest. Hundreds of hours of gaming tied up in the hopes of incrementally improving one character melee capability by increasing +6 Seeker to +10 Seeker.

I am not arguing that it is a bad offer. Just … wow! Some people need to be the very best, no matter the cost.

Empty your whole bank
Trade everything you possess
All to be the best

Me, I might be able to put that offer together, but I’ve been playing for five years and it would still be a stretch and I would have to part with a lot of valuable things I’ve been saving.

I’ll have to find a way to settle for only +8 seeker on my barbarian.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. But hey, if they can find someone willing to pay that much, more power to ’em.
    …I guess.

  2. Holy crap. Just farm the thing already! That’s an insane price for a simple scroll to mediocre armour.

  3. Damn, I’d love to have TWO of each large Shroud ingredient, and that armor is nice but it ain’t all that.

  4. Fact is, there are people who play all day every single day, zooming the end game quests as fast as possible, accompanied only by other people in the same state.

    That group of people is going to accumulate piles of stuff that seems draw-dropping to the rest of us.

    When they trade amongst themselves, they are going to trade draw-dropping piles because that is what they value.

    Read the thread and note how many people chimed in that it was a fair price they would pay too.

    So … logical, yes. Fun to watch, yes! πŸ™‚

  5. the soul trade, your soul for high end gear, don’t worry we do layaway >:D

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