100 Gold Coins

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Dec 192013

The Jester and I, in the sky with 100 Gold Coins
Up in the sky with 100 Gold Coins
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The Festivult Jester has arrived in Stormreach, and last night I decided to turn in 100 gold coins, live on twitter, just to see what would happen.

It took longer than I expected, and I only made it through the first 67. I’ll finish up tonight. But even so, after 67 I was able to draw a couple of conclusions:

  • I really filled everyone’s twitter box up which I didn’t consider before starting this. As Micki puts it, “Geoff spam!”
  • MMMM I love cookies and cakes. Most of them anyway

During the first Festivult, the whole coin turn-in mechanism seemed so exciting and mysterious. People on the forums claimed to have gotten Sunblades (then a rarity) and other items. Someone said they received +4 Tome! Bear in mind that the level cap was only 12 and there were no other +4 Tomes in the game anywhere. Then a dev came on (sorry, no link, it was six years ago) and confirmed that it was possible to get the tomes but rare, very rare, a distribution intended to disburse at most one or two per server.

We went wild. Farming coins, trading them, selling them for crazy amounts on the Auction House. I’ve never seen Irestone Inlet so popular. Festivult Coins were exciting!

But I have no loot luck, not now and not then either. I got cookies and cakes. And twigs and coal. A few Cure Serious Candy Canes. My inventory filled. Some of the baked goods were outstanding in their own right – one released Ottos Dancing Ball with no minimum level, another was a Raise cake, a third was a major mnemonic enhancer, etc.

But not for me, I am bad at using up non-renewable items. I save them for a special occasion, except the special occasion never comes. So the net result is that my inventory was clotted up, the cookies and cakes actually becoming a drain on me rather than a bonus, and I stopped turning in the coins.

I hoarded the Gold coins, after all it’s only one stack. I started selling the others as soon as I had a large enough pile, for whatever I could get.

And so passed the next six Festivults. My pile of Gold coins grows. I always have a partial stack of Silver and Copper coins in my shared bank, waiting to fill up and get sold off. And I still have Xoriat Jelly cakes in my inventory from that first year that I’ve never used.

By now I have a pretty sizable pile of Gold coins. Multiple stacks. I could sell them off, but I have plenty of platinum. Let’s do something fun. Like live-tweeting 100 turn ins.

I’ll post the full results tomorrow. But so far, I can summaries in three words: Cookies and Cakes.

According to the Wiki article on Festivult, that’s all I should get, the odds of anything other than cookies and cakes is one in 200 while I am only turning in 100. But it wouldn’t matter, I have no loot luck, I expect to get cookies and cakes even if I turn in a thousand. Or ten thousand. Or a hundred thousand.

No tome for me. Baked goods.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Aww 🙂 *hugs*

    I expect cookies and cakes.. and a lot of twigs, coal and sun flasks – things that don’t stack well at all.

  2. I’ve never gotten anything other than cookies, cakes, twigs, coal, and sun flasks either. I still want a Sun Blade!

  3. I got a sun blade last year & a mace of smiting the year before (yay for the older versions.. no augment but they’re unbound which is a big benefit), plus a couple of pop X’s & a couple of the stone of good luck trinkets so not too shabby… and naturally all those yummy cakes, biscuits (cos i’m english) & jellies which are awesome for lowbies as a “summon firey apocalypse/summon badass bodyguard/dont hurt me!” button in emergencies.

  4. Oh I love the cookies and cakes their amazing for starting a new character, especially ones that don’t “work” until mid levels….also some are just plain fun like the xoriat cakes…of course it is fun to bring the hound of chaos (CL 10, no ML) into say kobold assault and have him solo it. In short their fun sometimes and sometimes their powerful…works for me…GIMME MO COOKIES!!!! 😛

  5. Geoff, I know your pain about the cookies and the loot rolls. I also was hoarding the cookies and cakes “until that right moment” and it wasn’t until last year when I decided that enough was enough and just started to use the cookies whenever, especially the cookies that gave out buffs. I made a good dent in them but still have plenty left over…and I have so many candy canes…but it is time to collect them once again!!:)

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