Apr 032012
Yes, I'm Sure I Want A Raise Cake
Yes, I’m sure I want Raise Cake!

Yes, if you act quickly, you can (maybe) get a free Siberys Spirit Cake. Raise Cake is not a lie!

The trick is Taj the Festival Egg Collector. Each year Turbine mixes it up a little and varies the Scavenger Hunt reward. In the past it has been random or based on level, with items like a nice teleport rod and so forth. This year the hunt reward is a lasting potion of (I forget the exact name), but it is a 10-minute potion granting +2 to all your attributes. DDO Wiki shows a chance to get some other things, and they’re pretty reliable, but all I ever saw was this potion.

* The potion is nice. Too nice, I’m always saving things like that for something special. “Something special” rarely comes, meaning they really just sit in my backpack and waste space. But I digress.

If you were a good DDOer, you may have already used your Tokens of the Traveller and Traveller Blessing. If you did, nice potion, no harm, but you are done here. If you are like me and were too lazy to run the Egg Hunt (or too unimpressed with the reward), you still have your Traveller’s Blessing. Now it gets interesting.

When the Egg Hunt closes down, Taj the Collector stays behind and will still accept your Blessing. Not the Tokens, just the Blessing. Just like the Hunt rewards, the after-hunt trade item varies from year to year. I don’t recall what it has been in the past, something so unremarkable it made me put my unused blessings back in the bank with hope for a better tomorrow.

But not now, now it is quite remarkable: right now the turn-in reward is a Siberys Spirit Cake. Raise Cake! To me, this is way more valuable than any 10-minute potion I will forget to use. I use Raise Cake all the time! I’ve spent more Turbine Points on Raise Cake than on everything else in the DDO store combined!

This won’t last. The Scavenger Egg Hunt will be re-enabled sometime soon, April 8 if I am remembering correctly, and who knows what the turn-in will be when it closes again. Whatever it is, it won’t be better than Raise Cake.

Nothing is better than Raise Cake.

For once my mighty collection of useless alts is serving a purpose; I am racing to Taj the Collector on all servers with every Blessing of the Traveller I can find. Raise cakes for everyone! And they Bind to Account, meaning I can pile them all into the shared bank and let my primary characters die stupidly with impunity!

No one can die stupidly like me. Trust me. But now … free Raise Cake! Yay!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Oh this is what you were talking about.

  2. You can never go wrong with cake.

    Now I’m hungry.

  3. Well, crap.

    I systematically went through and destroyed all my tokens and blessings. Because they’re useless to me.

    I *may* have a few left on characters I play so little I don’t even bother signing them on to clear out inventory, but… not many.

  4. “Cake or death?”
    “I’ll take the cake.”
    “We’re going to run out of cake, at this rate…”

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